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Rated: E · Fiction · Fantasy · #2142696
Spreading joy by giving of 'elf.
"You're taking off now,of all times?"

Elash nodded as he pulled off his tool belt and set it on the workbench.

"I don't think the Big Guy's gonna like it," Bralt shook his head so hard his green cap almost flew off his head. He shifted it back into place with one finger before dipping his brush in red paint and slathering it on the pull-toy Dorn had assembled.

"We need every elf here to get the work done," Bralt continued, "We're on a time-crunch, Elash!"

"Sorry, fellas," Elash shrugged as the elf team booed, "If I don't take the vacation days now, I'll lose them completely."

"You should have gone on vacation in March, when the rest of us took off," Bralt snorted.

"Yeah!" Dorn edged into the conversation as he set another pull-toy in front of Bralt, "We had a ton of fun in Ireland, tricking all the locals into thinking we were leprechauns!"

Bralt and Dorn giggled and high-fived at the memory.

"Well, someone had to stay behind and take care of the reindeer," Elash reminded them. He slipped off his green slippers and stuck his socked feet into a pair of sturdy boots.

"I still think the Man in Charge will deny your shore leave, buddy," Bralt sneered.

"He's already accepted my request, Bralt. I've got the rest of the month off." Elash slipped into a heavy coat and wrapped a scarf around his neck.

"So..." Dorn pulled a nail from between his lips and smacked it into place with his hammer, "Where are you going?"

Elash pulled on a pair of mittens and slapped his hands together, "South America."

Bralt's eyebrows rose in surprise, "Why are you going there?"

"Habitat for Humanity," Elash grinned, pulling on a stocking hat.

"You mean..."

"Yup. I'm helping build houses for the next three weeks."

The paint dripped from Bralt's brush to the floor. Dorn gave an awkward tap to his project.

"Um, you're supposed to have fun on vacation," Bralt sneered, "Not work."

Elash frowned, "It is fun. After each house is finished, we get to join in the joy and excitement that the new family has. There are a lot of people out there that need a home. Our goal is to get a family or two into their own house before the holidays."

"How are you getting there?" Dorn asked as Elash yanked open the workshop door. Snow swirled in and the elves all shivered.

Elash's eyes twinkled, "I'm flying, of course."
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2142696