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At first, they hate each other then they fall in love. Is this how love is supposed to be?
CHAPTER ONE: You should be illegal

November 23rd, 2016: L.A, California.


I was sick of being controlled. I was sick of pretending. I was sick of the judging. I was sick of just about everything in life. I just wanted to run away and leave everything behind. I just wanted to pack up my belongings and vanish. But, I couldn't, it was complicated.

My golden curls bounced, my cloak was a fluffy beige and my black heels were six inches. I strutted down the hallway, pushed in the key and shoved open the door.

I was disgusted by the smell his cologne. I was disgusted to see our ‘fake’ happy pictures hanging on the wall. I hated the Brazilian brown floors. I hated the creamy white walls. I hated everything about this place. All because of him.

I walked into Terrence's condo. My heels slapped heavily against the Brazilian flooring. I held my phone in my face and tried my best to pretend that he didn't exist. The problem was, he did. Terrence was there, with his light brown eyes and warm smile.

"There you are Jas! Where have you been all weekend?" Terrence opened his arms in an attempt to hug me.

"It's none of your business." I pulled away from his wretched hug.

Don’t think I’m heartless. I would just prefer for people to think I am. Terrence had been madly in love with me for five months. Sure, Terrence was handsome and charming. He even gave me anything my pretty little heart desired. I just wasn’t capable of that so-called ‘falling in love.’

“What do you want?” My was voice raspy.

“Where have you been babe? All weekend you weren’t picking up.” He replied softly.

“Oh shut up Terrence!” I rolled my eyes and pulled out a kitchen stool chair to sit on.

“Were you with him? Please don’t do this to me, Jasmine.” Terrence’s eyes were filled with emotions.

“Of course I was. What? You have a problem with my screwing another guy?” I sneered.

"Why can't you just accept that I'm the love of your life?"

"Because I'm not Terrence. Why can't you just accept that!" I narrowed my eyes.

"Sorry to tell you this Jasmine, but, you are. It's almost like I own you." He smiled at me as if it was okay what he has said.

I gave Terrence an angry stare, shoved him back and ran outside. Sometimes, just sometimes I hated him. Sometimes just sometimes I wanted to slap him a million times and tell him that I didn’t want him. The problem was, he'd still come back. He was practically obsessed with me. And my aunt, Louise had the nerves to tell me it's a good thing.

I pulled out my phone and dialed a number. I needed someone to take me away. I needed someone to make me feel free. Just for a second; I knew who could.

I stood on the sidewalk. The sun beaming through my golden-ish, brown-ish hair and a light gust of wind swirling my curls around. It didn't take long for a dedicated friend, Cindy Prado to arrive. Her hair a light blonde; eyes a dark, infinite brown. Her skirt redder than blood. And her crop-top blacker than night.

"Jas, wanna to go to the club?" Cindy opened the door of her red Jaguar.

"Yes! I just want to get drunk until I pass out!" Thrill ran through my voice.

The sunshine vibrant, the palm trees swaying in the wind. It was the perfect day….. for underage drinking.

I hopped in her bright red Jaguar. We flew down the highway, ran red lights and allowed the gale of wind to kiss our faces. Until the car stopped in front of the club. Ahhh wonderful, it was just what I needed.

The music was roaring like a monster. Drunkards overcrowded the space. This was the perfect environment for a nineteen-year-old to lose herself. To lose herself, when her life was shitty and crappy. And the only thing that ever made her happy was losing herself.

"What should we get Cindy?" I opened up the alcohol menu.

"Shots of Tequilla!" Cindy waved her hands in the air like a maniac.

"I'll get it, I have my fake ID with me." I gave her a playful wink before heading to get the drinks.

I shuffled through the mounds of people. Drinking, smoking, laughing all at once. The energy was all so much and all so reviving. Until it wasn't.

Carrying two glasses of Tequila, a young man crashed into me. The glasses delicious glasses of Vodka fragmentize on the floor as they shattered. It created a clattering sound louder than the club’s monstrous music.

I looked up tempestuously at the fool who made me spill my drinks. He had crazy purple hair and bewildered brown eyes. Just because he was having a good time didn't mean he had to be a jerk.

"What the hell!" I hissed.

"Oops, sorry pretty mami." The fool shrieked with laughter.

What was so funny about this? Annoyance crawled up on my spine. People were staring at the girl who spilled Vodka all over herself and on the floor. And he was giggling like what he did was okay

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" I snapped.

“Ayyye you might want to chill girlie.” He giggled. Again.


“Yeah, so?”

One look into his eyes and I knew he was drunker than the rest of the drunkards in this club. I decided that he needed something to sober up. I snatched a beer bottle from someone’s hand and poured it all over the jerk. Then, I threw the bottle on the floor; making an ear-splitting sputter that gained the attention of the club’s winos.

“Feel better now?” Before he could respond, flickering red and blue lights appeared outside.

Someone had called the cops on us. This didn’t make any sense. All we were doing was having an intense conversation! First Terrence,then this?!

I had tried my best to explain to the cops what happened but, they arrested the both of us anyways. I assumed the reason why the cops didn’t believe me was because they lost their brain cells eating donuts.


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