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Remember being a kid
For a nine year old boy waking up on a summer morning was exciting !
This boys name is Michael, and Michael knew that the sun shining brightly through his bedroom window and the songs of the birds was a sure sign that anything was possible on a day like today. what adventures could be gone on? What imaginative destinations await him?
As Michael thought carefully about the details one important substance was missing from his vat of daydreams and that could only be one thing ! What friend was going to join him on this sunny summer day?

Evan was also nine years old and lived right next door to Michael.
He knew that today was a great day for anything as well. As he stepped outside and walked down to his driveway, Michael was coming out of his house too. The two boys saw each other and without any thought at all they were both beginning the same exact journey.

At this point Michael had to look no further for his missing substance, it had found him !
Before any time had passed the boys raced each other to the backyard to get up in the treehouse to discuss very important grown-up business.
Paying bills, doing taxes and getting to work on time, things that must be accomplished each and every day as adults. But as they got hungry it was then time to go out for lunch. This would take place at their favorite restaurant under the back porch!

It was at this restaurant where only the finest chicken noodle soups and mud pies were served.
Michael and Evan were of course the worlds most renowned chefs and only they knew the best ingredients.
First they must prepare the chicken for that takes the longest to cook. For this only the softest, crumbliest pieces of fallen tree branches would do.
Small round rocks and acorns were the perfect seasonings added to a bowl of water from the restaurant hose!
This was mixed up so carefully then topped off with a dash of dirt, I mean pepper, and lunch was served.
The boys couldn't believe how delicious it was. They gobbled it all up and couldn't wait for dessert.
Mud pie was definitely their second favorite thing to eat here so two mud pies it would be.
Completely full it was very clear what was to come next.

It was time for war! They ran across the backyard in search for the perfect weapons to achieve victory.
They rolled their t-shirts up and made baskets out of them and began filling them as full as they could with acorns
for this day there would be an acorn fight!
Huge oak trees soaring higher than their houses had massive trunks anchored into the ground which would serve as optimum battle coverage.
For fifteen minutes acorn bullets flew back and forth at great speeds, nearly missing the target with every throw.
The boys knew they were only pretending and the thought of getting hurt was definitely not a plan for this day.
Not on such a sunny day like today.

The taxes were done and the bills were paid, lunch was served and well enjoyed.
A hard, victorious and memorable battle for both was fought today. So to each other they would say, " see you tomorrow, I hope it will be a sunny day! "
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