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Hi everyone! This is inspired by Thomas Sanders and his different sides. Here are mine.
I sat on my bed, eyes wander around. I sighed. My parents weren't home and there was nothing to do. I grabbed my phone to find it dead. I huffed in annoyance and moved off my very comfortable bed. I slowly opened the door to my room and headed down the stairs. I made it to the 'charging station' as I would like to call it, and placed my phone on the charger. I then moved to the sofa and grabbed my sketch book off the table. Flipping to a new page, I tried to draw but nothing came to mind. I groaned.

"Creativity!" I yelled. I heard a whoosh and looked towards the Christmas tree. There was standing my creativity/fangirlish side. Her brown and purple hair was pulled to one side. Her orange t-shirt with the Camp Half-Blood symbol was worn with some torn jeans. The cat whiskers on her face were slightly distracting, as well as all the bracelets.

"You called?" She asked. I groaned in annoyance. She always asked even if she knows it was me. "Of course it was me. I can't think of anything to draw. Any ideas?" Before Creativity could answer, I heard another whoosh from in front of the desk.

"Logic? Is that you?" I asked, turning to look over. Indeed it was. Her ponytail was pulled over to the left side, the purple less obvious than the brown. The red plaid shirt was accompanied by some normal jeans and a dark blue, almost black tie. She pushed her glasses up her nose and groaned.

"Yes of course it's me, Liza. Who did you expect? Mortality?" She replied sarcastically. I was about to reply when I heard another whoosh. I turned to look at the fireplace to see Mortality standing there. Her blue smiley face shirt was worn along with a blue jacket around her shoulders. Brown and purple hair hung loosly on top. Her jeans had flowers all over.

"Hello everyone!" She said smiling. Logic groaned again and Creativity rocked on her heels. I sighed. "Hi guys. I wanted to draw but I really don't have any ideas." I said before any insults could be thrown between the three of them.

"Maybe you could draw us." said Creativity. I nodded, affirming that I got the idea. "I think I'm going to go with that. You guys can stay if you want." They all nodded.

"Wait," I added before grabbing my pencil. "We are missing someone. ANXIETY!" I called out. With that she appeared near the recliner. She had earbuds in, her black hood pulled up hiding her face. I could still see the dark eyeshadow under her eyes and her brown and purple hair sticking out from the right. Her hoodie was with a Star Labs logo which was accompanied by black jeans and motorcycle boots. Anxiety looked up noticed that she had been summoned. She removed one earbud.

"I'm here because...." she trailed off. "Glad you're here Willow." I said, noticing her slight flinch when I said her real name. "I drawing you all and I wanted everyone to be here." I continued.

"You want me here?" her eyes widening in surprise. "Of course we do. Why wouldn't we?" Logic asked. Mortality and Creativity nodded in agreement. Willow looking shocked, said nothing. An awkward silence fell between us. I cleared my throat which got everyone's attention.

"Willow, of course we want you here. You are very important to all of us. Now, may I ask, what is all of your names? We know Anxiety's but I don't know the rest of yours." I stated, looking around.

"Olive. My name is Olive." I heard Logic say. I did a quick turn to see a small blush on her face. "Well, that's great to know Log-Olive. I'm glad you told us." I said, a small smile appearing on my face. I then turned to the others. "Mortality? Creativity?"

Mortality opened up her mouth, obviously was going to say something but was interrupted by Creativity. "My name is Olympia." She smiled. "That's a nice name." I said, already turning back to Mortality. "What about you? What's your name?" I asked smiling softly.

Mortality mumbled something quietly before raising her voice so she could be heard. "Bianca." I grinned. "I'm so glad we all know each other's real names!" I started to grab my erasers in case I messed up while drawing when I heard a cough.

"We know your real name. And it's not Liza." I froze. I had always told them my name was Liza. I mean, I knew they knew but I thought they didn't care. "Well, then, what is my real name then Olive?" I stated.

"Your real name is -" I heard a door open and close. Everyone turned to see my friend, the real Liza, standing there, pulling a suitcase behind her. "Kira my dear friend! Did you forget I was coming this weekend?" I flinched at the use of my real name.

"Ya, I sorta did. Sorry Liza." I said, sinking down into the couch. Willow and Olympia sunk out, followed by Bianca. Olive smiled, glad to know that she was right about my real name. With a satisfied smirk, she sunk down. I sighed, knowing that I would have to explain this later.

*********Time Skip***************

"Bye Liza! See you next weekend!" I shouted, waving at the car. I smiled softly and turned around. I gasped. Olive, Olympia, Bianca, and Willow were all standing in the living room, staring at me.

"Hi..." I said nervously, creeping towards the sofa. "You know why we are here Kira." Olive said. I detected sarcasm and vemon in here voice.

"Okay everyone. My real name is Kira. I never told you guys because I thought you already knew and really didn't care. I mean, Liza and I have always pretended to be the other. But still." I stated, sinking further into the sofa.

They all looked at each other, obviously having a silent conversation. After watching them for a few minutes, I grabbed my sketch book and pencil. I started to draw, expressing all my feelings onto the page. I first drew five people. Then I added the detail to the clothes, hair, and faces. It was my aspects personality and I. I sighed softly.

"Exhem." My head shot up to see my personality staring at me. "We had a discussion and we forgive you. We understand that maybe we haven't shown you all the respect you deserve. For that, we are sorry." Olive said as all the others nodded in agreement.

"It's okay guys. I forgive you as well." I said smiling softly. "Do you want to see what I drew?" I asked. They all nodded and crowded around me.

"Aww that's so cute!" Bianca exclaimed. Olympia and Olive nodded while Willow stared at it in shock. "You i-included m-e?" She asked quietly.

"Of course! I would never exclude you." I said, hugging her. Willow was frozen in my grasp but soon relaxed a little. Everyone joined in and that's when I realized even though we were all the same person, we were family.

************Time Skip***************

It has been two months since my sides and I accepted each other's real names. We talked everyday. I'm so glad they are my traits because without them, I wouldn't be me and that wouldn't good. The picture that I drew two months ago is now hanging in my room which I looked at all the time. It's good we are all accepting and I'm glad we are family.

That's my sides for you all.

Word count: 1278
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