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in my special day
June 8, 2015 of 8:02 AM
In my special day I am not really surprise what will going on and a child came forward infront of me. Who are you? She asked. And I told directly I am ate Shirla.She smiled. I confused. We think look a like and then it was right. She bring a paper and unlike with the other kids. She is well-educated pupil. She wanted to learn so I spoke "What you wanna want to learn?" She replied "English." I was impressed and amaze. My eyes could fluttered and make a decision. "Ok. I will teach you." The moon is bright and the neighbors are silent. The homes around the city is beautiful and the place is color blue. One of my unsure expectation is when a child interested to learn a subject and maybe I need to give her few of my knowledge and maybe one day she will become too a successful person in next generation. I learned the gift that LordGod brought a child to me to add her wits by my learnings and I will share to her for she is a good and diligent child I saw it with my single eye. And single eve I am introduced by she's parents and they're kind to me. I'm in a good hands I think so. I need to pray always and for the better what the child give an advice to me. :) -- alrishane
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