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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Environment · #2142821
Christmas magic is in the air...more or less...
         Sonny turned his face into the wind, squinting at the cold gust, and sniffed deeply. Joey watched his nostrils flare as he scented the air like a wild animal.
         "Snow comin'," Sonny said.
         "What are you talkin about, Sonny? I just checked this mornin, the weather guy says no chance this week.”
         "I can smell it on the wind," Sonny replied shortly, turning back to the work at hand.
         “You can--” Joey eyed his friend's back with a skepticism that bordered on accusation. What the hell, Joey thought. It's December eighteenth; fifty-fifty chance, I guess. He shook his head and snorted a short chuckle, joining his friend in their task.
         But after a short while, Joey stopped again, starting at Sonny's black watch cap with a dreamy fascination. Small white flakes were silently drifting down, settling on the cap, and melting into nothingness.
         "Well I'll be damned!" he said, smiling in spite of himself. "You were right; it is snowing!"
         Sonny grunted acknowledgement and went on working.
         "I guess we'll have a white Christmas after all!"
         Sonny stopped what he was doing and finally looked at his friend. "Yeah? Well why'dncha start pumpin on that shovel before it gets here? It ain't like Lignetti's gonna climb outta that trunk and dig this hole hisself!"
         The men resumed their digging, and Joey smiled, marveling at the frequency of Christmas miracles.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2142821-Everyone-Deserves-a-Holiday