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Two souls meet after a period of separation.
When the day got too cold to go any further she decided to stop for the night. Pulling off the road at the next rest area she drove down to the furthest parking lane and shut off the engine. There on the left was a sign indicating the Appalachian Trail entrance was close. She had always wanted to walk parts of the trail. Walking the entire trail would be beyond her stamina for hiking but parts of it she could walk. And this would bring her in touch with nature and the earth elements she loved so well.

She always found peace in the woods. Whenever she was troubled, even in the early days, she would go for long walks in the woods and after a while all the stress would simply drain away and she would be left with this sense of peacefulness. So she took the keys out of the ignition, slowly got out of the car, locked the door and headed toward the entrance to the path lined with trees of oak and ash and her beloved cedar. She breathed in the fresh, cool, clean air. One deep breath, then two and ever so slowly she started to feel Earth’s energy reach up to her and embrace her being with its loving, warm energy.

Ahhh yes, this is what she needed, what she desired above all else. She missed this feeling of deep abiding peace and love. She started to walk down the trail and continued on for awhile. Her body started to warm up from the exertion of the walk. The birds started to fly and call again as they got use to her presence in the woods. The call of the crows touched her as she could feel the rhythm of the earth start to beat through her being. The wonders of nature were so very beautiful to experience.

It was about fifteen minutes into the walk. He seemed to appear out of nowhere. He carried himself with an air of assurance. He had been this way before on other occasions. They almost ran straight into each other they were both so absorbed in their own thoughts. The sudden disturbance in the energy around them stopped them both short. They looked into each other’s eyes and there was an energy wave that swept through them both. “Ahhh I’ve been looking for you” she said. “Ahhh and I you” he replied back. They smiled at each other then and he took her hand in his. They started to walk down a path to the left and stopped when they came to a clearing next to a quiet lake. They both sat on the soft green grass and lay back to look at the clear blue sky above. They lay that way for a while and slowly the stars started to appear as the day quietly came to an end. “Why did you stay away so long this time” he asked. “I was lost again” she replied. “I couldn’t find my way back to you”. He turned his head to look at her and said “Well we found each other again now.” She moved closer so she could lay her head on his shoulder and then gently laid her hand on his chest. A feeling of relief and contentment swept over them both and they closed their eyes and felt their energies merge into one again.
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