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How to program the ASX3
There are sixteen U-tube videos produced by Horizon Hobby that show how to program their ASX3 Receiver. You can find the site by searching ASX3 Spectrum Receiver Programming u-tube videos

Video #1: This video explains what Transmitters are compatible with the ASX3 receiver. Most but not all Spectrum transmitters are. I will be using the DX9 which is the one they use in the videos. The main point of the video is that the settings for the control surfaces must remain in the default setting in the transmitter. They recommend going to a new model (acro). If you use a slot that was used in the past you need to clear it before proceeding.

Video #2: This video explains...

1. Wether or not to use a supplemental antenna plugged into the ASX3. My receiver did not come with one but I intend to install one even if it isn't really necessary. If the aircraft is a gasser or is made of non conductive material you need an auxiliary antenna.

2. The importance of insuring that orientation of the receiver inside the model airplane is level and parallel to the axis of the fuselauge. It must be faced forwards or backwards along the axis and placed up, down, left or right. There are eight possibilities. It can not be faced perpendicular. It must be level and installed securely.

Video #3: This Video explains how to "Bind" the receiver to the transmitter.

1. Place the bind plug into the programming port of the ASX3.

2. Place a batter into any of the other ports.

3. When the light begins to flash, make sure the throttle is in lowest position, hold down the bind button on the receiver and turn it on. Hold until the voice announces that "Binding is Complete."

Video #4: This video tells how to install the Installation Application (APP)

1. Read the Quick Start sheet that came with the ASX3.

2. Take your IOS device (Smart Phone/Computer) and scan the "Square." This talks you through downloading the App.

Video #5: Connecting to the APP menu.

1. Connect the cable to the ASX3 as shown next.

2. The servo connector end goes in the Bind/PRG slot on the ASX3.

3. Power up the ASX3. by plugging in a battery.

4. Open the APP. by plugging the jack on the cable into the auto port of the IOS device

5. Turn the volume to full.

6. Synch

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