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by Telboy
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Ever Been To A Cure Concert...?
Ripping through a yellow smiley face, I opened the envelope my brother had just given me – Inside, 4 tickets to see ‘The Cure’ live at Earls Court.

It was June 1996, my first live gig and my 15th birthday!

After several expletives, it was time to get ready for the big night.

So… Clothes had to be ironed, bodies had to be groomed, excitement had to be quelled and the majesty of Earls Court awaited our arrival!

After train stations, jolting stops, congestion, long winding cues, and a few more thousand bodies and we would surely be in.

I had never seen so many people. Chants of - ‘ROBERT! ROBERT! ROBERT!’ - Wound its way down the snaking admission queue. Almost jumping. Numerous wrists were fluorescently bound and access was finally granted.

After winding and siding, beers were eventually alighted and plans to head for the numerical destination were discussed. With beers held tight, unanimous bodies shuffled expectantly and we finally made our way passed inspections and torches.

Oh My!

Lights, Camera, and Action Baby!

I was already in love!

To say that ‘Shock An Awe’ was coined before it was, was an understatement!

The four of us bobbed and weaved until the throng was too suffocating, and agreed to settle behind a bank of technical flurries, lights and frantic activity.

Watching through cocaine eyes, everything was perfectly aligned - The flashing lights on stage mirrored the technical banks before us.

Flitting between lights and the shadows entering from stage from right, my eyes were busy trying to comprehend the fact that I was actually seeing members of a band that had up until this point only existed on tapes and jukeboxes… Enter Robert Smith and the boys. Amazing… The crowd, along with us - Exploded!

Sweating, exhausted and totally spent. Nearly three hours had passed by as if by magic. I remember a fraction, but I will ever remember as Rob passed so eloquently through ‘Just Like Heaven’ and after thousands waited with baited smiles, the boys lit the space, and thrashed ‘Inbetween Days’.

I will also remember, bobbing legs hurting, bright green lights, and arms knackered from clapping - ‘DUM! DUM! DUM! DUM! DUM! DUM!’ to A forest

But, I knew I would be alright you see, I’ve had the only Cure!

Happy Birthday To Me!

The Cure
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