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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Detective · #2143028
What to do? What to do?
“Good morning, Jackie. Why so glum sis? You look like you’ve been shot at and missed, and…”

“Yeah yeah, Sean. I can always count on my big brother for a compliment. Did you bring the doughnuts and coffee?

“Here you go, one double espresso, two old fashioned glazed, as demanded.

“Thanks, bro.”

Seriously, you look tired, Jackie. And isn’t that the same jelly doughnut stained blouse you wore yesterday? Forgot to pick up your dry cleaning again?

“Naw, I haven’t been home. We caught a strange call last night after you left. I couldn’t let it go. C’mon I’ll bring you up to speed on our way to the Commissioner’s office.”

“Hey, slow down, Jackie, I can’t keep up. What does the Police Commissioner want with us?”

“We’re city detectives, remember brother dear? The PC calls us in, we go. But to answer your question, I’m sure it’s about this Santa creep, breaking into apartments all over the precinct.”

“Santa? Is this the ugly call you were talking about sis?

“Yup. It has gotten the PC’s attention. I need to give him a report.”

“So, this Santa clown, breaks in to steal Christmas presents, I presume. Seems straight forward. What so special about this guy?”

“It’s not just that he breaks in to steal, Sean. It’s what he steals.”

“So, stop a minute and fill me in.”

“It seems, the Santa Bandit picks out well-heeled women, probably in the mall. We figure he works as a Santa listening to all the kids blather on about all the crap they want, while keeping an eye peeled for his next victim. They are all wealthy, and here’s the kicker, they all own large, expensive shoe collections. He only steals high end, women’s shoes.”

“What’s the MO? How does he get in? Any clues sis?”

“They let him in bro. That’s what’s so strange. He’s always in a full Santa costume. Once he’s in, he says nothing, pulls a gun, gags them, and ties them to a chair. Then out comes his big red bag. He takes a gazillion dollar’s worth of shoes, and splits. Nobody thinks a thing about a Santa walking down the street carrying a big red bag. It’s genius if you think about it.

“Wow Jackie! That is a weird one. A Santa with a shoe fetish? Maybe we can set a trap for him?”

“C’mon bro. The PC’s secretary is waving us in.”

“The commissioner will see you now, detectives…McLeary?

“Yes, my brother and I are siblings, ma’am.”

“Please go in.”

“Ah, Detectives Sean and Jackie McLeary. Please sit down and tell me all about this case. Make it fast though. I’m volunteering as Santa at the mall in an hour.”

“Pssst… Sean, what’s the matter? You’re frozen in place.”

“Check out his shoes, sis. Aren’t those Gucci pumps?”

“Oh my goodness, Sean. How are we going to arrest the PC, and still be PC ourselves?
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