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by Raine
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A personal observation toward people you come across with through a life's journey.
Do you wonder why people just drift into your life one day and the next day you know they’re gone? Out of those people who became part of your life, there are always only few who would stick up on you and put up with you amidst the life of yours which either they might have wished they could have or sort of wished they could have fixed from crushing. Consider yourself lucky if you have them just behind you no matter what it takes.

Some of the rest of those people are just like passersby. They pass by to drop a giant bomb on you by getting under your skin. The way they reacted to any unfavorable circumstances; the way they looked at you like you were some kind of a convicted criminal they saw on public posts who got away with; or by the way they looked at you like they were stripping your clothes off and even made a pass at you; the way they treated you like you were an idiot; the way they snob at you when you were lost in directions. These people make you think in the end how unhappy they must be with their lives. They may have acquired such wayward traits by hereditary or by how they’re being brought up. To consider them equally, they must be through enough rough times to lead them taking it all out on other people or on their behavior. By the way how you handle them could end you up either psychologically challenged or emotionally depressed.

Some people are whom I pegged as advertisers. You were enticed and fully convinced by their words of promises guaranteeing they would defy this famous belief that “Promises are made to be broken.” And once you were satisfyingly consumed by the evidence of those utterances, they would gradually take all the advantage of you and bail out on you with your hard-earned trust. All you have left is the diminished sliver of your worth and that inevitable feeling of helplessness. You would find yourself self-loathing thinking back how blindly you were falling into a trap that’s been obviously varnished with deception. The damage they must have caused you is practically beyond recall. But in the end, it is YOU who must take the blame on; it is YOU who must find even the narrowest escape there is that will lead you to recuperation and having those heavy baggage all along finally knocked off; and it is YOU who must wear on tough shields to steer clear of all the possibilities of falling into the same trap again.

Some people do unintentionally turned in to your life as described above, I mean the ones who were trapped but not to the extent of same implications I was telling earlier about. There are times when we missed out on thoughts of turning back our heads to see those people behind who were always there for us but left taken for granted while we were fully drawn to the provisions of wealth and ambitions. They are those kinds of whose minds are set to the world of simplicity and guiltlessness. They are those whose lives are run without worldly demands but by things which they are made of, things that the crowd has failed to get hold of. Lucky are these people to have earned a gift of purity. They are envied by those who have everything in the world yet lacking the truest sense of happiness.

Lucky are those people who have been in tedious race against nothingness in life and came out WINNING. Profuse rewards became nothing but within stone’s throw away. They are those who learned to breathe underwater but never gave in to the hopelessness of the reality of their dreams. They are the ones who infuse perseverance and determination. Little stuff is much of a big deal to express gratefulness let alone bigger stuff. Humility runs through their character that even after they’d able to reap the fruit out of a dream tree, they’d never lose sight of where they've started and gratitude for those who generously rushed in to share the ladder of success. They hailed success with abundant willingness of sharing it with the rest of the world. A person with meager means to live a life ironically holds a great amount of dignity and willpower to survive.

It only proves that regardless of whoever and whatever you are, you are capable of making a difference in the world all throughout the course of your life, only if you have the heart for it.

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