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A boy gets more than he bargained for from a pile of snow.
Jimmy and his brother Joey stood back and admired their work. The snowman was the tallest they’d ever built, and it stood proud in the front yard, ready to impress all who passed by.

“I have an idea,” said Jimmy. “I’ll be right back.” He turned and raced for the garage, leaving Joey to stand around and wait. But six-year-old boys don’t stay in one place for long. No sooner had Jimmy disappeared than Joey wandered off to make snow angels in the back yard.

Several minutes later, Jimmy returned, carrying an old fake-fur hat his father had left there.

“What took you so long?” said the snowman.

Jimmy jumped back, but quickly decided Joey was hiding behind the snowman. “Very funny, Joey,” he chided.

“Joey left,” said the snowman. “And I sure wish you’d hurry and get that hat onto my head. It’s freezing out here.”

The voice was deeper than any sound Joey could produce, but Jimmy still wasn’t convinced. He crept slowly around one side of the snowman, but there was no Joey. Jimmy continued in a full circle around the snowman, but Joey was nowhere to be seen.

“I’m still waiting,” said the snowman.

“Aaaah,” cried Jimmy, finally realizing a pile of snow actually was talking. He flung the hat toward the snowman’s head and ran from the yard.

“Wait,” called the snowman. “You missed.”

As Jimmy disappeared into the house, a boisterous laugh erupted from inside the snowman, and Jimmy’s older brother John stepped from behind a bush, carrying a walkie talkie. “What a little dope,” he laughed.

“Who?” said the snowman.

“Aaaah,” John yelped as he ran for the house.

“Humans,” the snowman chuckled. “They’re such fun.”
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