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An alternative universe,where nothing bad happened after they did the test run of the park
A couple of years have passed since Dr. Alan Grant first visited Isla Nublar. The spectacular work of John Hammond and his team astonished him. He believed that idea of his could be turned into something eternal. He gave up his career as a paleontologist and became the resident Chief Advisor of Jurassic Park.

The attraction became an international phenomenon. Tourists poured from all over the world. The lines were miles long, packed with families and their enthusiastic adolescents. Jurassic Park earned the title of living history and grew to be the bright future for many.

To keep up with the steep demands, more and more species were introduced to the park. Dr. Henry Wu and his team of specialists worked day and night to bring Hammond's megalomaniac project to life. Nevertheless, it did not turn out as the way they hoped. Things began to spiral out of control. Grant spoke about this with the old man on many occasions. He was worried that iGen was pushing harder than the staff and the park could keep up. Even the seasoned Robert Muldoon gave his daunting lectures about safety issues and operating without the proper number of employees. He did not like the fact that John tried to undermine his efforts to make the park safe. Hammond was looking for quick solutions and shortcuts. John was not the man he used to be. He changed over the years and stopped saying his famous 'Spared no expense!' speech. The shareholders held him on a short leash, the more after the financial crisis. They wanted more for less and revoked his title according to their liking. This had a crushing effect on him. He had less power with every passing month, although he tried to keep that as a secret. His health was the dead giveaway about his troubling thoughts.


Grant and his small team of assistants were on their way to locate the whereabouts of the park's latest additions: the Titanoceratops. They were related to the Triceratops, but had a much larger and longer skull. Their neck frill was more impressive and colorful. These animals were the product of the 'Diversification project'. It was a directive that sprung out of Hammond's mind. He became greedy and wanted to get the most out of his attractions, while his vision came to life.

Dr. Ellie Sattler veterinary physician, Cisco Dominguez paraveterinary worker and Sean Mitchell expedition guide accompanied Alan in the small safari jeep. Alan had something troubling on his mind, whilst he fiddled with the car.

"We need to make sure the Titanoceraptorps are well adjusted. I'm really concerned about them. I disagree with this 'bringing everything under one umbrella' approach." Alan worried as they turned on the gravel road.

"Well, couldn't you just say something to the old man? I mean, at least he tries to look like he's listening to you!" Elle complained, as she was busy with her emails, on her laptop.

Grant laughed at her. "Don't you think I tried? He says his hands are tied. The man can't do much without the shareholders." he told as he was convinced about the relative truth of his statement.

"That's capitalism right there!" Sean chipped in as he slowed down for the first checkpoint.

Sattler sighed. "That's beside the point Mitch. He can do whatever he wants. No one is monitoring him and the big guns only look at the numbers anyway! When was the last time you saw their layers or a representative from iGen?" she lectured as she leaned forwards. "I don't like where this is going Alan!" she put her hands on his shoulder, "I do hope you both know what you're doing, or you'll have to look for another vet! I don't think you'll find anybody as qualified as I am!" she said before she returned to her work.

Grant started to get anxious as he looked into the rear-view mirror. "Here we go again! Why do you always assume that I've got a connection with the man?" he spoke before he saw Ellie's frown. "I mean, I do have, but not that kind. Everybody knows him. He's a stubborn man that Hammond. It almost resembles..." he spoke, when Mitchell interrupted him.

"I'd stay away from finishing that sentence my friend. I don't want another fight on my watch you know. At least do it when I'm not here!" he argued.

Sattler burst out in anger, "I knew this would end up like this! You never change Alan!"

"What did I do now?" he asked as he adjusted his hat. They began to bicker about their past wrongdoings, while Sean looked into the mirror to see how Cisco was doing. The man was silent and a bit frightened. He did not know how to react to the fact that two of his ideals were fighting like children.

Mitchell laughed at the poor man. "Now you see what I have to endure every single time! Welcome to Jurassic Park, boy!" he spoke as they left a checkpoint.

The ride was scenic and a bewitching experience. The lush mountains stood tall in the West, where the big carnivores lived. A bit Nort, the Saltamontes River cut deep into the great valley. There was not a square inch of dirt where a rare flower or tree would not grow. From time to time, the distant sounds of dinosaurs ruled the air. Such a surreal experience could bring forth the best out of any given person, without doubt.

However, this was not the case with Sean. He was bothered by the constant argument that happened in the jeep. He wanted to strangle himself by the time they arrived at the Northern omnivore enclosure.

A several stories tall and incredible sturdy wall crossed their path. They followed the concrete structure for a good while, before they ended up at an outpost. Sean honked the horn. "Guys, please shut up, we've arrived!" he stated as the jeep came to a halt.

"Is this it?" Dominguez asked with little sound, as he looked up at the wall.

"Indeed my friend and now comes the fun part! From now on I'm in charge of your safety, so whatever happens, just stay calm and everything will be fine." he spoke and placed his chip card on the reader. It flashed its green light, than turned to red.

"Damn it, not again!" he cursed as he tried to activate the door.

"You really need to change your card Mitch!" Ellie added, as she had nothing else to do.

"I won't speak with that guy ever again, even if I'm forced to climb this wall!" he stated as he remembered a colleague of his.

"It's not healthy to keep a grudge Mitchell!" Alan stated with light heart as he adjusted his sunglasses.

Sean was on the verge of self-destruction, when the system recognized his authority. "Great, another victory for me!" he spoke with great pleasure.

It took a couple of seconds, before the metal door opened up their path. They inched forward and vanished in the short tunnel. They came to a stop at the other end. Mitchell waited for the operator to let them through. The phone started to ring, as soon as he turned off the engine. A woman's distant voice came through the speakers, but she was occupied with another person.

Mitchell hesitated a little. "I can't here you Mel, come closer to the mic!" he suggested.

The woman ran back to her computer and looked into the camera. "You might need to take a little break down there, as we seem to have a problem!" Melissa replied, while someone in the background talked to her.

"It will only take a couple of minutes!" Dave shouted from to other side of the room.

"What's going on, is everything ok?" Sean asked, as he was not informed about this situation.

"You know how it goes... Dave, the new IT guy decided to stop by and fiddle with my setup!" she complained as she looked back at him. They just met, but she developed hatred towards man.

"How long is this going to take?" Alan asked after he looked at his watch.

"No idea, but I need to grab a coffee from the machine. Brb guys!" Melissa replied with haste, before she hung up the phone.

Sattler crossed her arms. "Of course this has to happen to us!" she complained.

"Is this that bad?" Cisco asked with delicate care.

Mitchell grabbed a sandwich out of his bag and took a huge bite of it. "It's not so good pal. You see, these animals have their cycles, just as every living being. Much like humans, they're best to handle when their stomach is full!" he spoke while bits of his food landed on his lap.

Grant chiseled his throat. "It's not just that. They haven't had time to acclimate and it's really hard to tell how the other dinosaurs react to each other." he turned towards Sean as he could not stand his manners anymore, "Did your mother ever tell you to chew whilst your mouth is shut?" he preached.

"Give the man some slack Alan, this isn't the military!" Sattler added to cut the tension.

Grant grumbled. "It soon will, if we can't do our job properly! I'll have a talk with Hammond after this, that's for sure!" he told as he crossed his arms in his frustration. Ellie just giggled at him, as her words got to him in the end. Of course, Alan was too proud to admit that.

"Now what, is there anything to do while we're waiting?" Dominguez asked, as he felt a bit more confident.

"Well, if you really don't have anything better to do, you could name all the bones in a Titanoceratops!" Ellie replied with a smile on her face. Cisco did not know what to say. He could not tell whether she was playing him or not.

"Don't listen to her son, she doesn't know them either!" Alan joked as he tried to vanish underneath his hat.

Sattler closed her laptop. "That's it! Sean, take this man to the carnivores!" she ordered.

"Guys, I've heard enough! I don't want to get more involved in this... Just take him yourself, I won't tell anyone!" he told in his irritated state. The phone started to ring not long after.

Cisco sighed. "Thank god for that!" he commented as he felt the adult in the jeep.

"Guys, it's fixed now! You can go Sean, have a nice trip!" Melissa said as she waved into the camera.

"Thanks Mel, we'll be back in an hour or so, hopefully!" he replied as he turned the ignition.

"Just make sure the radio isn't turned off, I'll monitor you from here!" she added and terminated the call.

A green lamp lit up above the door, while it opened up. The warm and beautiful Sun shone right into their eyes.

"Strap in everyone, the fun is about to begin!" Mitchell told as he stepped on the gas pedal.


They passed a thin lane of clear-cutting, that ran alongside the wall. It often helped the guards to detect those dinosaurs that wanted to escape. Some of them left huge markings in the dense concrete. It was a sore reminder that these animals were held in captivity and could not roam, as they wanted.

The dirt service road was muddy and wet. It looked more like a battlefield with all those different sized footprints and deep trenches. Sean had to pay close attention to his maneuvers. He made good use of the jeep's four-wheel drive.

They were climbing a small hill, when Ellie noticed something in the distance. "Slow down Mitch, we've to check something!" she spoke as she lowered her window. She tried to figure out what was going on, so she opened up one of her many documents.

"What did you saw?" Alan asked as he was trying to write something in his old notebook.

"Look at the trees on the right." she mumbled while the car stopped.

Grant sighed. "Don't tell me it's another clearing!" he complained as he put down his leaking pen.
"Yes, this sector wasn't this bad last month. It's getting really close to the borders." she spoke as she cross-referenced the database.

"Should we have a look, or maybe pass it to Gayle? I mean we're not foresters after all!" Sean suggested.

"Alan, is that even a question?" Ellie replied while Grant just shrugged his shoulders. "Come on Sean, let's have a look!" she ordered.

"Yes Ma'am!" he acknowledged and drove off their course. They dwelled into the greenery, which turned out to be tougher than it looked. They were almost stuck at one point. It took them a quarter of an hour just to make that short distance.

"This should do it Sean." Alan spoke as he pointed with his arm. "Look at the size of this devastation!" he turned backwards, "OK everyone, let's get to work!" he commanded with great urgency.

Cisco was the first to step out of the jeep. He gathered his worn bag and waited for the others to follow his lead. For some reason they began to untie their shoes and fold up their trousers.

Dominguez was confused. "Mr. Grant, why are we not moving?" he asked with respect.

The man waved back at him. "Please call me Alan, there's no need to use honorifics, we don't use titles here!" he replied as he took his socks off.

"What he wanted to know is why we're taking off our shoes Alan..." Sattler corrected him as she threw her stuff on her seat.

Grant scratched his nose. "Yes, of course! It's easier for us to move. Simple is that!" he replied.

Even though Cisco had a special pair of jungle boots, he did not like the idea of walking with bare feet. He envisioned the millions of insects and bugs that crawled on the ground and the many other dangers that lurked in the jungle. "Thank you, but I'll pass!" he spoke with uncertainty.

Sean chuckled. "It's your call pal! But it's almost a hundred degree here, it's not like you'll get a cold feet!" he commented, just before they all left the jeep.

The ground was covered with fallen trees and foliage. Tiny sprouts grew all over and they raced for sunlight.

"Ellie! Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Alan questioned as he just hopped over a log.

Sattler shook her head. "Definitely, it happened again! These trees were torn down and moved. It couldn't be just the weather..." she spoke with great concerns.

They stopped at large root that left a deep hole in the ground. Alan looked at Dominguez. "What can you tell us about this?" he asked while Sattler examined the trunk.

Cisco looked confused and did not know what to say. He was a paraveterinary worker after all, not a lumberjack.

"I know you're just a graduate student, but if you want to work here, you should learn these things." Grant lectured him as he walked around.

The young man frowned. He seemed reluctant to learn. He thought he was better off not knowing these things.

Sattler sighed. "Those marks on the side of the tree are from a sauropod." she looked up and looked at him with a squint, "You know, those big and long necked lizards, you saw back at the visitor's center." she spoke.

"But these ones are not friendly at all, they're dangerously wild!" Sean added.

Cisco was a little upset by her lecture. "Yes, I do remember!" he spoke in his frustration.

Grant clapped his hands. "Bam, the case is solved!" he paused for a little, "These must've been one of the Titanosaurs. However I don't think we should find out which one did it!" Alan suggested as the wind took off.

Meanwhile Sattler was taking several pictures of the extent of the damage, while Sean surveyed the area. He even took some rough measurements of their surroundings. Mitchell was just about to finish his work when he found something interesting. "Over here guys, you must see this!" he shouted.

They chose to follow his lead and marched through the obstacles. Everyone was drenched in sweat, as they reached Sean. Alan squeezed out the water from his handkerchief, while they stared at a large pile of trees. Soon they realized that there was a corpse somewhere beneath.

"It's a fresh Brachiosaurus, guys!" Mitchell told on a sad note, as he helped them cross a small riverbank.

"Unbelievable, I'm completely staggered!" Grant noted while Sattler grasped her mouth.

"This is so wrong, on so many levels!" she spoke between her hands.

Dominguez then stumbled upon its tail. He almost fell over in his clumsy attempt.

"Watch it Cisco, don't fall into something bad!" Sean warned him with genuine intend.

"Don't touch it as it might be infectious!" Sattler warned Dominguez, who tried to hide the fact that he just smeared his hands over its tail.

"This is what, like the seventh time this month?" Ellie argued to Grant, who was just about to examine the head. He took out his gloves from his waist pack and looked for clues. The dinosaur was in bad shape. It had no signs of disease, but had marks of madness.

"I think this one is clear!" he said as he stood up. "Another demented one, I think." he deducted from the relative signs on the corpse.

"I'll take some samples, just to make sure." Ellie replied as she started to look for Cisco. "Hey young man, come and help me out here!"

Cisco started to itch all over his body. He was convinced that the illness got him. "I'm on my way!" he yelled while he scratched his arms with every second.

Meanwhile Sean was on the lookout. He was also concerned about their safety and prepared his tranquilizer.

"What are we looking at Ellie?" Cisco asked as she was about to drill into its skin.

"A byproduct of science." she replied with petty, before she turned on the small tool. Dominguez had no idea what she was talking about.

"They forgot to tell you?" Grant asked in his surprise, as he overheard their conversation.

Sattler took some samples and threw her soiled gloves into an empty, plastic bag. "Why would they? We even signed an NDA, haven't you forgot?" she spoke as she turned towards Cisco. "Be a good man and take this back to the car." she hinted. Dominguez nodded in agreement and was almost enthusiastic about the idea. The constant mosquito bites, the hot and humid air and his thoughts on his contagious disease made him agitated. He almost flew back to the jeep.

"Well, he's not going to be with us much longer, I suppose..." Alan stated with uncertain intention.

Sattler could not care less about the man at that moment, as there were more pressing issues at hand. "Don't you feel anything for them? This is animal cruelty, right here! It's only a matter of time, before someone finds it out!" she spoke while she tried to withhold her feelings.

Alan took his gloves off. "I do care about them, but there's nothing I can do here!" he replied as he squatted down. He looked at the puzzled Ellie. "Listen, you've been to that briefing as well. You accepted the fact that they used alterations, or whatever they called it, to speed up their growth."

Sattler started to get angry as she put her tools away. "I didn't know back then that it would make them go insane. Isn't feeding them is enough trouble already?" she answered with heavy heart.

Grant thought to help. "I know the only reason why you're still here is because you don't want anybody else do this job."

Ellie than took the small PDA from his hands and threw it into her bag. She zipped it with force. "You know me all too well." she acknowledged as she stood up. Grant was not sure whether he spoke the right thing or not. He could not tell what was going on inside her head. He was about to say something sweet to her, when Mitchell turned up.

"Sorry to bother you, but we need to move. A horde of dinos is headed this way! I'd rather be done with this. We're already running late!" he told, when Cisco started to scream. Everyone thought something bad happened to him. They all rushed to the jeep.

"There... there's a snake in the jeep!" he spoke while his arms were shaking.

Sean lowered his weapon. "God damn boy, and here I thought something bad was going on!" he complained. Mitchell looked into the car, grabbed the snake and threw it away.

"Aren't you afraid of its bite?" Dominguez worried.

Sean just smirked at him. "That wasn't a poisonous one." he told as he hopped into the car.

"Let's just go Mitch." Ellie added while she was troubled by her thoughts.

A group of Minmi dinosaurs appeared across the clear cut. The wind blew at their direction, thus they recognized the small team. The dinosaurs took up defensive positions.

"Sean, we should go now!" Alan suggested as he looked out the window.

"You don't need to tell me twice, we're out of here!" he answered and drove back to the patchy road.

"Is everything alright back there?" Grant asked as he checked the GPS. He still had trouble using technology and had to cross-reference it with an actual map.

"I'm sure his fine!" Ellie said, just before Dominguez tapped her on the shoulder.

"Yes, what is it?" she asked while she typed into the laptop. No answer came and the man just continued his action.

"Stop patting my shoulder!" she burst out, before she realized why Cisco was dead silent. A giant tarantula crawled across his head. He was so scared that he had difficulty to breathe.

Ellie laughed at him. "Hold on a second!" she spoke and leaned backwards to the trunk. Dominguez was furious about the fact that she was not helping him out. Sattler then returned with a small container in her hands. "Here, let me take that!" she said with a big smile on her face and tucked the spider away at an instant.

Meanwhile, Cisco was about to have a heart attack. He flinched for a while, before he mastered the energy to speak. "I want my teddy!"
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