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Graphic, blunt conversation of a 'Black-Op' in Poland. From the author's experience.
She lost her mind during the fire fight…No…She began losing it when we arrived in Poland. We arrived about the second week in November and it hadn’t snowed yet. They, Army Intelligence sent me there to train the Polish Gun Clubs in Insurgency Warfare against the Soviets. It wasn’t my idea, it was Cpt. E.J. Bonnie’s idea. They sent her, not Bonnie but the girl wonder, in first and she couldn’t hang with it so I went to the rescue. What I rescued was more than likely the career of Bonnie who command put on probation for basically going full retard on the mission.

Yeah, I showed up and pulled it off. First, the girl wonder was known as the Bavarian Fox because she resembled, slightly, Princess Leia from Star Wars albeit with freckles. Germans weren’t always German…My girl at that time, 1987, was an American, our surname was German, however before that it was Prussian, before that Pomeranian, before that it was Scandinavian.

Scandinavia…The place Vikings come from.

Despite the fact the Bavarian Fox is my sister, we look nothing alike.

The Poles said my mother had to be an ‘ugly East German bitch’. The Poles really know how to hold a grudge, they’re still cheesed off over the Second World War. Funny thing about that statement about our mother is I heard the same from the Russians, the Czechs, the Lithuanians, the Latvians and ironically, the West Germans.

This is how we got the job, we looked like ‘them’.

Europeans can generally pick an American out of a crowd of faces.

On a previous assignment we were able to pass her off as Bavarian, before a group of American Tourists. We used her as bait and when she put the finger on a real son of an ugly bitch the trigger girl plugged him. It was easy, we dressed her up as a cross between a Victoria’s Secret undergutchie model and a circus performer. Put her on roller skates and gave her a push down the street. A hundred and fifty yards or so later, she was on target.

Hildegarde, her actual name, used a M1917 .38 Special. Point blank. Literally, when that scum was ogling my seventeen-year-old sister before a group of American tourists as they took a walking tour of Frankfurt, she, Hilde, came up behind him. Pop! One round between the ears at a range of about one inch.

Don’t feel bad about it. He was selling nuclear secrets to the Soviets and put them ten to fifteen years ahead of themselves over night. That for you readers, puts your lives in danger.

Hildegarde, ironically was our third cousin.

We passed her off as Vichy French...And another cousin, our light weapons girl, ‘Atomic Blonde’ as Bernese Swiss. We simply used appropriate cultural dress, it works something like the Amish work in Pennsylvania.

Well, you can always count on Americans as a whole to fuck up an iron ball. After Hildegarde aces out the arch-traitor, that’s what the newscaster on AFN called him, most of the tour group flattens out on the pavement screaming.

Good move.

Except one bonehead that tries to White Knight it.

In the mass of the horizontal one black haired chubby woman with coke bottle thick glasses was yelling at that simp, ‘…Get down! Get down! She’s in on it! They’re really Americans!’ He doesn’t take the hint.

The Atomic Blonde armed with a Thompson then panics.

I’m watching everything through the scope of my 30-’06 bolt action rifle exactly 152 yard/meters away. I have an earpiece in, like everyone does and I’m telling the commo girl, Super Dyke TNT to shut up because I need to concentrate.

Well, the Bavarian Fox turns sees that simpleton yelling something about ‘…get down I’ll save you’ still standing, she then dives onto the pavement herself assuming I’m putting a hole in him.

I’ve already seen the Kennedy headshot several times and don’t want to see it again.

Personally, I didn’t think my kid sister was in any danger so I wasn’t worried.

The Atomic Blonde differed.

When the Fox hit the pavement, she flips from around a corner and stitches that simp. She then goes hog wild on the tourists and kills eleven out of twenty-six of them. Empties the fifty-round drum and reloads. Wounded twelve more.

We used World War Two weapons because of the heavier calibers and battle proven history. My idea. I’m in charge so my ideas matter. As a side note, I fail to see any reason why firearms technology had to advance past the 1940’s. They were already capable of killing every man on the planet effectively and I’d have held out for laser guns.

The Atomic Blonde, despite being five foot nothing, 140 pounds, scares me.

She likes killing.

After every mission I sent her to mental hygiene for an evaluation. Those quacks sent her back saying she was alright.


She gets off on murder. She likes it the same way people like to masturbate.

Oh, and how did that American tourist put the finger on us?

By the weapons used. I’ll quote the chubby tourist, as taken from the German news, who showed up like vultures five minutes after we left as the German police were carting off the remains, ‘I know they were Americans! It was the weapons they used. Only the U.S. Army uses the Smith&Wesson M1917! My father collects them!’

She said she shot a few herself.

Leave it up to the Americans to screw up an iron ball. If it wasn’t for the red-blooded All-American penchant for firearms, nobody would’ve noticed and we could’ve blamed the Soviets or the Baader-Meinhof Gang.

Like we always did.

Instead, there was a Congressional Inquiry and a hub-bub from the Bundestag but they got over it.

So, it wasn’t like the Bavarian Fox was a newbie. Truth was she was too young, she should’ve stayed at home and read Vogue and did things girls do. Positive things like getting knocked-up and playing house.

Instead she found herself in Poland around real Poles.

Slavs take a bit of getting use to. The Poles are a highly intelligent people, very introspective, quiet, and once they like you…You have a friend for life. Even if your mother is an ugly East German bitch. Really decent people with kind hearts.

The Bavarian Fox was scared of them. She was terrified when we played hell with the Soviets, and she lost it when she realized what she did. Personally, she wiped out three out of four BMP’s with an RPG from horseback. The Poles provided most of the firearms used, all naturally com-block. The Bavarian Fox really mastered the AK-47 with little effort.

Two days later, the Atomic Blonde, Hildegarde and ten other bozos show up with more toys to include the M65 Recoiless Nuclear Rifle. It seems the Soviets were really pissed off we blew away a convoy out passing the time in the Charmed/Haunted Forest, that’s how it translates into English, part of Poland. The Polish Gun Clubs after watching that…Found God and forgot they had a grudge against Russians.

Nothing like a good bloody war with severed limbs, burning BMP’s and shell-shocked horses to make you want to be a pacifist I say.

I asked why they just didn’t withdraw us.

The Atomic Blonde says they were mobilizing an entire army group to run us down and nodded toward the Crockett gun.

At that point I wanted to run away and hide
I got to watch my 17-year-old sister with coal black Cher hair get old. Her hair turned snow white over a three-day period.

When the Soviets came back for seconds it was her first big taste of war.

When it was over, the Atomic Blonde and Hildegard had to tie her to a tree because she was in a panic. After the couple of hours that it took us to clean up, the group left, they also left the Bavarian Fox since she didn’t recognize anyone and wanted to knife everybody that got close to her other than me. I had to finish things up with the Polish Gun Club.

We spent that evening in the Charmed/Haunted Forest of Poland. Well I did. My sister thought we were camping out in Penny Pines. She wanted a campfire and wanted to roast marshmallows. We had a small fire in a hole and made due with MRE crackers and peanut butter on a stick. Not my idea but she was loopy. When we got back to our rally point, the clubhouse for the Polish she fell off the horse and then slammed her head into a tree.

I’ve seen plenty of head wounds before. One of the gun club members was a nurse, a very educated and tall woman from Krakow, took her inside and began an evaluation. Me, I found a pick-mattock and a shovel and began digging my sister’s grave.
She then gave me an evaluation. She determined I wasn’t a psychopath but just German. Reason being, the gun club members were shaken up and I was cool as a cucumber.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. I was just better at hiding it. They kept us there two days, and then had to get us moving before the Soviets came. We were only driven about twenty-minutes before they let us out along side of a road. Road blocks were everywhere. They left us with a backpack and two rifles. The Fox could hardly walk but it was the best they could do.

Five days later we were in West Germany.

They told me I carried her across my shoulders for a measured 375 miles. Yeah, a man can do that. As a member of a special operations team I had to be able to run a marathon with my field pack and a machine gun. I did that twice before Poland. I could swim a mile with the same field pack and machinegun…Did that once before Poland.

I remember it raining, snowing and a fair amount of sleet. I remember having The Fox talk my ears off. She kept talking for hours about our beagles and camping in the woods and asking how far it was to Tidioute because she wanted ice cream. She also repeated every line from her favorite movie ‘Grease’ and told me about her John Travolta fantasy. After three days we ran out of food, and I used the U.S. Army manual on survival to find wild onions, a plant I can’t name and boiled the inner bark of a pine tree in the Polish Army helmet I had. I caught a fish from a river and shot a roe deer. Getting my sister to eat the roe’s liver was tough, what made it in my opinion necessary to ‘make’ her chow down on it was the fact that it was her time of the month and she was a bloody mess. The forest we stayed in turned out to be the very lip of West Germany, a day later they retrieved us. We moved mostly at night along roads and through woods during the day.

I lost twelve pounds of weight.

I hated Poland, I hated the Soviets I hated Uncle Sugar for putting my sister in harms way. I was an angry man because I hated myself after what I did to the Soviets in Poland. I didn’t save my sisters life as she actually saved mine. If she wasn’t there, I would’ve kissed my AK just to get away from myself. My sisters and female type cousins are supposed to stay home and stuff care packages while listening to Bing Crosby slaying ‘I’ll Be Home for Christmas’, not show up in Poland.

Eventually my sister regained her senses and like the quacks Army doctors are they sent her to the Fulda Gap. She had another experience and eventually went home on a medical.

If there’s any good that came out of that waste of everything is that the Soviets stayed out of the Charmed/Haunted Forest of Poland and the Polish Gun Clubs didn’t make any more plans to fight the Soviets.

Their swords became plowshares on a handshake.

The Atomic Blonde after nearly being killed in another engagement quit on moral grounds. She went home and now teaches mentally disabled grade schoolers to read.

Hildegarde was nearly killed while standing next to me down the road in East Germany spent a few years in a padded cell at the V.A. Hospital in Pittsburgh. She grew up to be a lawyer.

The Bavarian Fox became a cosmetologist that does mortuary prep at several funeral homes and for a few years made a hobby of cranking out children with every Tom’s Harry Dick.

I stopped being a fool after the collapse of the Soviet Union. After that, I floated around for about twenty years before I ended up on a couch at the V.A. in Oakland. I run the security department for a large commercial real estate company.

It took me thirty-years to stop carrying my sister…It feels different.

The things in life I had to do to protect my family from the evil that men do.

Author's Note; Youtube Best Slavic Tribal Pagan Music. It's a 45 minute track of a variety of Slavic music, however what surprised me is the only two still pictures there are my sister in Poland. They were taken by the nurse from Krakow and found themselves in the political arena of the region. It surprised me when I stumbled across it years ago by accident. How it got there I have no idea. I am NOT connected with anything that's happened in that part of the world since. I think it's hysterical in a sad way that the few unclassified pictures of that time of our life is being used as such.

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