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I wrote this when I was feeling very alone and isolated, but all by my own doing.
Trapped in a rusty cage
trying to break free.
Being held captive by memories
they always come back to me.

This cage I've broken out of
now shut and locked again.
I once flew high up in the sky,
now I sit low just like a hen.

The darkness is closing in
like the coolness of night all around.
I’ve been blinded by reality,
my hopes have fallen to the ground.

These clipped wings are useless,
they were the only chance I had.
If only I could take flight,
then surely I’d be glad.

Other birds fly high, you see:
finches, robins, sparrows, and blue jays,
they whirl around with glee.

Here I still sit,
my feathers are fading.
Trapped in this cage,
there is no escaping.
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