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A story about me, an average girl. Average life, and not so average large family.
Red hair, I was told it was a gift. Most people dye theirs to get it red. But for me, I was born with it. I was special. So my parents say at least. If you want linguistics, It is 1 in 200 people is born with red hair. And Blue eyes is another rare trait. To have both, I was told it was a blessing. Yet It hasn't shown me much good. Because from what I have learned in life thus far, I am not all that special. I am just, average.
And yet here I am, writing a story about my average life. This story is not so you feel bad, or make you cry. If you do, ok sorry. But this is my story. About my average life. In a small average home. With a not so average large family.

The morning starts with a loud scream from a child. My brother lost his cup again.Rayburn, we call him Ray for short., He is only a baby now, but he still isn't the youngest. There are seven of us kids. Plus two adults who try their best to get everything right. Like most parents, they fail, a lot. My mom is currently pregnant with number seven. and yeah that is fun. With a family this big, things get loud. I am currently 15, freshman year of high school.

"I got your cup Rayburn, you want some juice?" My mom says as she gets out the apple juice from the fridge. If there is one thing our family is addicted to. It would be drinks, we don't drink much alcohol, but instead different drinks. Juice is a necessity in our house. As is soda. I think the only person that drinks water on a daily basis is my mom. Rest of us, we get water when our other drink supply runs out.

"No, Soda!" He says as he brings her a can of soda from my stash. My mom gives me an upset glare for introducing this kid to the deliciousness of soda at 2 years of age. She grabs the can and pours it into his cup. I stand on the other side of the kitchen working on making me some breakfast, a little upset that my soda was used to feed the crazy kid.

"Who used my hairbrush?" Yells a rather angry little sister. My sister may only be a year behind me but she acts like she is three years ahead. She can spend hours in the bathroom, and she is very picky about her clothes. At least she is compared to my standards. Sometimes I get a bit jealous. I sometimes wish I was good with clothes like she is. Cause she always seems to be able to do something with her friends. And usually has a guy to her side. She isn't someone that switches guys every other week, but she can find one that likes her easily.
"There is black hair all un my brush and I want to know who used it!" She shouts waving the brush in each of our faces. So much for acting mature. From behind us, I hear the sassy and annoying voice of my brother. "I did, I used it on the dog. Makes her look better then you don't you think." He teases. I star at him shocked to amazed that he would say something so stupid to her today. Out of all days, he pisses her off on picture day.

I go to try to grab my sister before her attack but it was far too late for that. My mother saw the anger in her eyes and told my little brother that he was grounded. And that he should start running now. And run he did. My sister charged at him at full force through the whole house. I heard my brother shout something about refugee in my room. My room is the only one with an un-pickable lock on it just nodded and hoped he didn't get into my toys. David gets himself into a lot of trouble. He is only 12 yet he knows how to push each of our buttons. In all the wrong place of course. He seemed to live to make everyone around him insane.

"What happened?" My dad asks as he comes into the kitchen grabbing a bottle. In his arms was the current youngest and number six in the family. Johnathon. We call him JJ for short. My mom takes JJ from him as she gives him a kiss.. "David did something stupid again." My dad chuckled and looked over at me. "Hey Haillee, you still good to watch the kids tonight after school?" I give him a smile which he takes as a yes. When really it meant I rather am playing video games but why not spend Friday night with a bunch of screaming kids.

"What is for breakfast." Says a tired-eyed eight-year-old. He slowly shuffles into the kitchen still wearing PJs.

"Why are you not ready for school! You were supposed to be up thirty minutes ago.My mom says as she pushes him back toward his room to get him ready for school. "AAnd this is why I prefer homeschooling.." She says as she glares at me from the doorway to the hall. I roll my eyes and focus back on the bacon. With a sharp sudden pain in my back, I let out a yelp. I spin around to find my Rayburn crying again with his cup laying on the floor. "Rayburn, we do not throw things to get our way do we?"

He stops scream and stares at me. Then gets reall upset and shout "SODA." I roll my eyes as I walk over to the half-empty can and pour the remaining contents into the cup. Sometimes I feel like these guys are spoiled too much. I hear loud banging come from my bedroom door. "OPEN THE DOOR YOU MORON OR I WILL BREAK IT OFF IT'S HINDGES!!!" Wow, .she is mad. I really hope she isn't serious. I pull the bacon off the stove and place another few pieces on as they sizzle and spit hot oil onto my arm.

A loud bark comes out form our back door. I open the door and find our large dog. Padme. My brother named her, he was going through a star war faze. My mom says the only one allowed to be pregnant in the house is her. However, this dog didn't get that memo. She wobbles into the kitchen and lays down on the ground. He belly ready to burst any second. Our other dogs followed behind her.A small little white dog, who is often mistaken for a puppy despite being 4 years old. And her sister, who had her litter of puppies just before she got spayed 2 years prior. Spyro the small white dog, had a tendency of angering our Padme. WHo is normally nice to everyone, and still is. But like my brother, Spyro knew what buttons to push. And being rather pregnant Padme didn't have many patients left for him. I felt the same way more often than not. Anger was always my downfall. Becky my small black dog, runs up to me licking my feet as she runs off and plays through the house.

I smile as I get back to work on the bacon. As the morning came to an end and everyone ran from the house heading their different ways to school. David walks off to school with a bruise on his arm from this mornings fight. SHe may not have broken the door down but she broke the lock. My dad reassured me that she would get me a new one.Now for another day in hell.Wait I meant to say school. Oh well, whats the difference.

One morning down. Only the rest of my life to go. No one said being me was easy.

I was told at a young age I have a mild form an autism. I like to act normal though. I tend to get by in life pretty easy. And most people don't even know I have it. I like to blame that for my reason for having hardly any friends, but really it is because it takes a lot out of me to make basic conversation with strangers. I mean I can smile, most days. I am probably one of the most anti-social people in this weird world.

I head off to health class and find myself sitting next to one of the few people in the school that will talk to me. She is one of those who is also anti-social. But We liked being antisocial together. But we never got on a real personal level. She had never slept over, and she never even came to my house. But she gave me someone to talk to.

This last week in health we had been talking about depression. And honestly, i had noticed a lot of those symptoms in me. But me being the quiet weirdo I am, I didn't tell anyone. Thinking I was over thinking things. I had thought about it a lot since then too. And really the more I thought the more i saw it in me. But I didn't want to worry anyone. So I smiled.

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