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by Parker
Rated: E · Preface · Romance/Love · #2143548
About a lost love and letting go
And I look at your face thinking 'what the hell are we doing here?'. The merry-go-round spins at a smooth pace as we hold each others hands. The fog had recently cleared and I could finally see the beauty upon your face. Though behind it still was your broken soul. Wind had picked up her speed and we're spinning faster now. I could hardly tell, I'm use to this pace between us. Fast enough to make you sick, but you never want to leave because god look at that smile on your lips. So beautiful. I could stare at the stars for hours, but I could look at your face forever. Damaged soul I loved so. I think the sun will soon rise as the night sky begins to hide its precious face. Exhaling I can see my breath. I look over at you but there is nothing but a thick fog. Mist covers my hands as I rub my fingers together. You've left me. Several months ago. I lost you. You've gone. But you still visit me every now and again, on the merry-go-round underneath the stars.
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