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by Clark
Rated: E · Fiction · Young Adult · #2143631
A confession upon the existence of a certain person occurring in most of her dreams.

One Fine Night

Just one fine night. Just one fine night without his face bore an existence across her mind

She sat on her bed as the images from her dream replayed. It was supposed to be nothing, at least that's how she thought it would be, until a familiar face struck in the middle of it. She was left with confusion but dared not to stop the replay button. Her eyes set straight to the colorless ceiling above her as her mind was busy remembering each and every detail. He was just an ordinary person but she had no idea why he always appeared in her dreams and in the times where she had told herself to forget everything about him.

He was once indeed an important value in her life. He was the happiness she felt in the midst of the impossibilities. Where times were hard and thought to herself she could not do it but by meeting eyes with him, her world changed. In a time where her first love go and never coming back to her, she found solace within him. He was the embrace which got her up to believe in love. He was the joke which made her laugh and showed her beautiful wrinkles around the eyes, making her forget what her first love did to break her heart. He was the sunshine over her rainy days, the day and night. He was the first person to gained confidence within herself to say she loves him back. He was like the joy in every carol during Christmas. And the precious one she held tightly close against her chest.

But despite them all,

He was also ... her deepest downfall.

The source of happiness she always thought he would be turned out to be her greatest sorrow. The embrace he was which made her stood tall became the hands clawing her down back to her first emotion which her first love caused. No longer were laughter and beautiful wrinkles marking up her perfectly structured face but were rhythmic sobs, the heaving and choking, and the salty liquid happily sliding down her puffy cheeks. As though followed, her confidence gone with the wind and insecurities came crashing like fresh waves by the nightfall. The joy she claimed him to be in every of carol now became the death march in her very own grave. The valuable one she hoped to be hers forever was the one she had to let go for forever, without knowing when the absence of him could be filled again.

But yet despite them all,

She revived.

Made a vow to herself she was worth than her sorrow. She was worth than him ever could be.

Though her promise had brought her up until this moment, the images of his face came flashing whenever her eyes started to close. Not a difference than any other scenes, she would always found him holding her tightly in his embrace. And his eyes had always been fixated deeply into hers. Oh, could it be her figure still laid attach beneath his conscious mind?

As she itched for an answer to her unknowing thoughts she looked him up. Again, was the action she took which made her regret the most. A beautiful personality like him could never be alone after the last time they happened, couldn't he. And she saw it before her. He was happy. Happier than she had been trying to be for the couple of months. However, as her beautiful orbs stared longingly at the sight flashed from her device, there wasn't any impact colliding her insides. No tight-knots. No anger. And no turmoil within her.

So why does his face appear almost in every of the dreams she had?

Could it be just ... just one fine night? Just one fine night without his face bore an existence across her mind?

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