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Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Crime/Gangster · #2143658
DS Addison McCain is assigned to her first case.
7th April 2016

The rain tapping constantly against the window and the noise of hail echoed through the bedroom. You could hear the wind attacking the trees in the garden, and the sound of roaring that makes you feel as if you were in danger. It's nights like these that you find it hard to sleep. Lying in bed, listening to what sounds like a war outside and shivering as if it was cold under a warm blanket. The lamplight started flickering on and off that she couldn't stand it anymore, so she switched it off. Luckily the fish tank light was enough as she was afraid of the dark.

Anna Willis, a fifteen-year-old girl; was lying in her pink-covered bed, eyes wide open. She was listening to the storm, waiting for her brother to make an appearance in her doorway. She started counting in her head, counting the seconds he would pop his head through the door. She watched her fish swimming around in the tank, feeling restless.

There was a soft knock on her door, slowly opening. A small figure appeared, he was scared, terrified of the storm. Anna sat up in her bed as she watched her younger brother shuffle towards her.

"Anna, can I get into your bed please?" His soft little voice squeaking, terrified.

"Of course," Anna smiled, trying to reassure her little brother. She moved the duvet over, enough for him to slide in with her.

The small boy slides in close beside his older sister, wrapping the duvet around him tightly. Her bed was very warm and he liked it. He lays facing Anna as they both listen to the storm. There was a flash of light that lit the room, only for a second. Anna could feel him trembling beside her; she started to stroke his hair reassuring him it will be fine.

"Jake, it will be all over soon," Anna whispered into his ear. He closed his eyes to the sound of her voice, trying to drown out the noise from outside. Anna carried on stroking the top of his hair, watching him fall into a deep sleep. It wasn't long until he was sleeping peacefully.

Anna closed her eyes, they were feeling heavy. She couldn't hold them open any longer. The last thing she saw was her fish, swimming around in the tank that was dimly lit.

After what feels like hours of sleeping, Anna found her eyes fluttering open. It had been only ten minutes since she last was awake. She took a glance around her room; nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. She heard a small noise, coming from the kitchen. At first, she thought it was her mother, but when she heard it again; this time it was louder. She moved the duvet slowly, taking a step out of bed. She didn't want to wake her baby brother, so she tiptoed out of her bedroom. She closed the door behind her carefully.

Anna started to make her way down the hallway. Slowly approaching the staircase, she had a look of disgust on her face. The wallpaper, she never liked it, but her mother was determined to have it. It was brown, with small flowery patterns, which were green. Anna hated it. Her mother never had good taste. Even when Anna gave her opinion, her mother never listened.

She took a step on the first stair, it made a creaking noise as she slowly went down, one by one. The noise from the kitchen was getting louder, screeching that made her ears feel sensitive. Anna's heartbeat started to quicken, the thought of an intruder in the house was playing on her mind. As she started to come closer to the kitchen, she noticed there was a light on. Her feet were bare against the cold wooden flooring, but they were silent.

She came to the kitchen door, which was slightly open. She peeked through the gap, but couldn't see anything. Having a good look around the kitchen, she noticed the knife block. It was missing a knife; her mum always organised the kitchen before going to bed. She suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder, everything had to be perfect. Anna's heart started to thump in her chest, she knew someone was in there and it wasn't her mother. Pushing the door open further, to have a closer look, she saw her. Her mother lying on top of the counter with a knife plunged into her chest, blood dripping down the side of the drawers.

Anna's hands covered her mouth before she could make a noise, she wanted to run over to her, but she didn't know who else was in there. She was shaking uncontrollably trying hard to stop herself from making any noises, tears running down her face.

She kept as still as possible beside the door, building up the courage to go back upstairs without making any noises. Her lips pressed into a thin line, she couldn't control them from shaking. She took a small step backwards, without taking her eyes off her mother, followed by another step. Suddenly she knocked the cabinet with the back of her foot. She made a hiccup noise and ran as fast as she could up the stairs. Running down the hallway, back into her bedroom, she closed the door behind her. She rushed over waking up her brother.

"Jake, Jake. Wake up," she shook him awake.

He opened his eyes glancing up at his sister, noticing the tears in her eyes. He sat up in a panic; she had one hand on his arm, holding onto him tightly.

"What's going on?" Jake asked. Fear started to overcome him.

"Someone's in the house," Anna whispered. The pair both fell silent to the sounds of footsteps nearing the bedroom door. Jake gripped hold of Anna's hand tightly, as they both shuffled towards her wardrobe silently. The tears running down their cheeks and fear taking control of their bodies, trembling outrageously.

Anna held Jake tightly against her. The bedroom door finally opened, making a small squeak. Footsteps echoed walking into the bedroom. Anna moved forward taking a small peek through the wardrobe door. A flash of light lit the bedroom again, she saw them. It was for a second but she was sure she saw the person.

Moving towards the wardrobe, Anna sat back holding her brother tightly in her arms. She swallowed hard, waiting for the wardrobe doors to swing open. She moved her hand up to her brother's eyes, covering them. He didn't make any noises or any movements. He was frightened so much; he was paralysed to the spot.

The moment came and the doors opened, revealing a figure towering over the children in the wardrobe. Anna's scream echoed through the room and slowly throughout the house.
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