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Rated: E · Chapter · Drama · #2143705
Regret and consequences of hiding a dark secret
As Mike looked around him, all he saw was darkness. For a moment he had thought that he was dead. Then a throbbing headache had nearly blasted him into another world, as he crouched on the floor massaging his head till the pain had slowly subsided.

As he tried to recall the past events that had led him to be in his current state, Mike noticed that his memory is hazy and he couldn't recall what he had been doing up till that point, when he had woken up in the darkroom.

He tried hard to dig up any clues as to what he had been doing and what may have befallen him but to no avail. In the end, he rested his body against the wall and tried to loosen up his memories by entering into a meditative state.

He had almost given up when he recalled something that led him to understand the situation that he was in. He had vaguely recalled walking home after work ended. He had been tired and wanted to reach home as fast as he could so that he can finally have a good night rest after a hard day at work. The thought of having to walk five more blocks to reach his home had really sapped his remaining energy, so he had decided to take a shortcut way home.

He smacked his forehead as he realised what had happened. Of course! How could he have forgotten! The alley that he had taken as a shortcut way home has been known to be rumoured of harbouring ruffians, gangs, drug dealers and other criminals. He nibbled his fingertips as he thought of the implication it had on his current situation.

What could they want from him? He is struggling through life as a laboratory assistant for the professors at GenTech. Most of the lab assistants are geniuses. The few per cent leftovers, however, were lost causes who were employed merely to be used and discarded for labour purposes and to be later sacked when not needed anymore.

Though he had been a nobody, he had always wanted to make something of himself in the future and what better way then to work with brilliant minds even if it means having to endure jibes and criticism of his apparent stupidity in comparison to the talented. He didn't quite mind it even if it made him feel like a useless human being at times.

"Shit!!! Am I going to die???" Mike felt heavy despair as continued to ponder his escape chances or the possibility of a rescue.

"I can't give up here!! Come on think Mike! Think!"
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