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Five reviews for the Monthly reading Challenge
*Sleeping* 1. Why We Sleep By Matthew Walker, PhD. ( A library E Book from Overdrive)[nonfiction]

It should be possible to design a system of medical care that places sleep at the center of patient care, or very close to it.” Matthew Walker, is a professor of neurosciences and psychology at UC Berkeley. Walker wrote extensively in this book about tests, that have been accomplished, to examine the habits and results of sleep in humans and other species. Did you know every thing sleeps?

Walker’s report about sleep deprivation, within this book, includes telling the reader, about ethical treatment of humans within the realm of politics. There is a group effort called, “Physicians for Human Rights, which is an advocacy group seeking to end human torture.” After reading the facts, be advised, that you will understand sleep deprivation in a new and indepth way.

Sleep deprivation has become a serious situation in many ways. “in the 1980’s Guinness ceased to recognize any attempts to break the world record for sleep deprivation.” They recognized the danger sleep deprivation was having on society.

The book is actually a book that a student may be required to read in a college class for credit. It explains in depth the many problems caused by sleep deprivation. It also shows, a systematic need by all humans for a certain amount of daily sleep. It lays out the amount of necessary hours needed and the type of sleep needed to remain properly active on a daily basis.

There are statistical reports and grafts that explain many aspects of the sleep facts included in the body of the book.

The reader may feel they are wading through a great deal of material as they continue throughout the book. However, the suggestions and information will only add to a through understanding of how we sleep, Why We Sleep, and how a good nights sleep will add to quality of life. (319 words)

*Shock2*2. Criminal Psychology by Tom Anthony (An E book from Amazon)(nonfiction)

This is a short book. There are five chapters and approximately 337 pages. Although the book is small the content is very, to the point. Anyone writing about criminals and crime would find the information adequate to help zero in on the systems used to solve mysteries and criminal actions. The book intends the information to be used to aide the common person in understanding the criminal mind.

Anthony and the publishers have made every effort to assure the reading public that the information put forth is accurate.
“In the 1970’s when the federal bureau of Investigation of the United States developed an organized technique in the criminal profiling process,.....”, this quote gives you an idea of the intense information contained in the book.

Investigative techniques are highlighted and enumerated. The organized way the information is presented is straightforward and valuable. Chapters deal with Criminal profiling, decision processes of a criminal, and why people become criminals or attempt crimes. It also explains, “Victim at Risk.” The connection of victims and perpetrators. This information leads into profiling physical and mental profiles of the criminal.

Another explanation deals with evaluating patterns of previous crimes to find pertinent information about escalating crime in the USA. After reading this book the reader may want more indepth information about one part or another, but reading the book may put you on the track to more extensive knowledge about profiling, crime, and criminals. (247 words)

*Cat2* 3.Arsenic and Old Books by Miranda James (A PDF from Overdrive on Kindle) (a Cat in the Stacks Mystery)[fiction]

You guessed right. This mystery features a Maine Coon cat named Diesel. The story is not the first story in this series. It
features a lot of the same characters who live in Athena, Mississippi.

Charlie Harris and Diesel, the cat, spend their days in the Athena Public library and Charlie works in the Athena College Library cataloging rare books. Some how Charlie always gets mixed up in what ever murder mystery is brewing in Athena.

This mystery is about a group of diaries written during the time just before, during, and after the civil war. They are a donation to the library and cause quite a stir among the local college professors. A local political campaign adds to the suspense of the story.

Diesel’s, habits and input are constant within the story. Charlie and Diesel are faithful companions at home, work, and play. Many of Charlie’s friends also look forward to visits from Diesel, who has his own way of entering conversations. “He chirped at me--at least, that was what it sounded like. I’d never heard a cat make such a sound before.”Diesel wears a harness and leash, “A few minutes later we headed down the sidewalk toward home.”

There is an addition at the end of this story that is special. It is 21 pages that explain how Charlie and Diesel became partners in life. (247 words)

*Trainbr* 4. Blood On The Tracks (Sydney Rose Parnell Series)by Barbara Nickless (an eBook from Amazon Prime)[fiction]

Brutality in society is a desperate subject. Murder in this story is brutal. Danger is constant. In spite of the subject, this is going to be a hit series. The story is making a debut, about female presence in a male driven society. The male society does not realize yet, even after all the women speaking out, that women won’t go back. And, males won’t live well without a female presence in their lives. In all aspects of their lives. “Meanwhile, buried inside, that wounded child lurked.

The story is about soldier’s lives after the return from war. As the murder is investigated and solved, life stories are revealed. No one in this story escapes life's twists and turns. “....was the obedient soldier who did whatever she was told and never crossed the line until the Sir asked for my help.”

Have you ever read about railroad cops? This narrative will introduce you to railroad police. Do people still ride the rails? Who, why, when, where? “Now I was at a crossroads. I had to choose between breaking the rules or guarding them.” The choices most police have to make are at best startling. In this story, the regular police detectives of Colorado join the railroad police in the investigation of a murder.

There is a retired military dog in the story. This story should not be ignored. It flies in the face of war and the damage it creates in the people and creatures who participate in war.

Barbara Nickless weaves a masterful story that will keep you riveted. Will you believe what she writes could be possible?
She is an active member of Mystery Writers of America and Sister in Crime.” this quote is from the About the Author at the beginning of the book. (315 words stated on my Journal 7 toolbar)

*Fairy* 5. A Most Curious Murder by Elizabeth Kane Buzzelli (a PDF Book from a local library through Overdrive)(A Little Library Mystery)[fiction]

When the cares of life become an awesome burden our thoughts send us back home, to the place, where we were able to explore life in safety. Sometimes if we listen to that still small voice it will send our physical presence there as well.

Jenny Weston found herself returning home to Bear Falls, Michigan. She was hoping for peace and quiet and her Mother’s company. What she found was, “This wasn’t a return to Eden, after all, only another war zone.

If the reader is looking for an interesting story about neighborhoods, little library’s, and special characters, this is a story for reading curled up in a warm chair, with a hot drink. The characters are entertaining. The story is engaging. The outside storm can whirl, while inside tree lights twinkle. Letting a small author and a new neighbor create words to make you wonder.

Oops! “Jenny and Zoe stood over the body.” Yep! It’s a murder mystery. So, what does it have to do with Alice In Wonderland? New things you might not have imagined. A new way to look at childhood speech, thought and stories within an adult life.

The story, being the picture of a neighborhood, is also a picture of the different ways people view tradgety, and try to feed compassion to companions they meet along life's bumpy path. “Something had derailed him.”

Have a good time with this story. (256 words from The Journal 7 tool bar.)

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