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Rated: E · Chapter · Fantasy · #2143855
Fuchsia is missing her horn. Will she ever grow one?
Fuchsia was born extremely beautiful, with a beautiful unicorn mother and a handsome unicorn father. She had the prettiest pure white fur, blue eyes more sparkly and shiny than the stars, and the silkiest pink mane and tail of any of the other unicorns in the herd.

However, from birth, there was one thing wrong with the young unicorn. At first, her parents couldn't tell what it was that was wrong. They felt in their horns that something was wrong with their little Fuchsia, but they couldn't put their hoof on it until a couple hours after she was born.

“Mamma,” Fuchsia asked, “Why don't I have a horn?”

Finally, the parents were able to see what was missing from the filly. They stared at their daughter's forehead in bewilderment.

“I don't know, Fuchsia,” her mother responded, trying to stay calm.

“The other foals are calling me a Hornless!” Fuchsia cried. She rubbed her neck against her mother's neck.

“Come with me,” Fuchsia's mom instructed, cantering away and toward the far side of the field, her filly following close behind.

“What is it, Rose?” a unicorn with blue fur asked.

“Doctor, my filly, Fuchsia, has no horn. Is there any way she will get one later on?” Fuchsia's mother asked.

The blue unicorn walked up to Fuchsia and gently touched his horn to her forehead to find out if it could be cured.

“No, not unless she goes on The Journey,” the doctor unicorn replied, “Whatever she decides to do, she will be a danger to our herd if she does not leave as soon as possible.”

“How?” Rose asked.

“She is a Hornless. I'm sorry to say this, but in the past, the Hornless always bring the Humans. It seems that with one unicorn with no horn, it opens The Portal. I am sure the Lead Stallion would agree. You must make her leave.”

“No! Not my Fuchsia! I will not let her go! She cannot even eat the green grass yet!”

Rose galloped off, shaking her head. Fuchsia ran to catch up with her mother, but she wasn't nearly as fast as the full grown unicorn.

“Mamma, what did he say?” Fuchsia asked, trying to comprehend the new words which the doctor had said.

“He . . . he said that because you don't have a horn, you have to leave the herd,” Rose told her baby, “The only way for you to get your horn is to go on The Journey, rumored to be the path two Hornlesses took and eared their horns. They were the first unicorns.”

“I don't want to leave,” Fuchsia whined.

“I know. I don't want you to either. But the Lead Stallion will decide what you will do.”

“Mamma, if I can stay in the herd, I will,” Fuchsia told her mother, “But if the only way I can do that is to go the The Journey, then I must, right?”

“Yes, but The Journey is a hard path. No Hornless has ever come back from there. We don't even know if it exists.”

“Mamma, I have to try. I want my horn,” Fuchsia neighed. All of a sudden, her expression changed from serious to sad, “I don't want to lose you, Mamma.”

“I see,” Rose said, “I will see if I can come with you.”

“No, Mamma, I need to go by myself. What if it takes your horn from you?”

“Okay,” Fuchsia's mother said, “I will tell the herd of your choice.”

A couple hours later, the entire herd gathered around the gate to the forest. Fuchsia was at the gate, a dozen bottles of milk packed on her back.

“Hornless!” Fuchsia heard a couple foals whinny.

“Stay safe, my baby,” Fuchsia's mother told her.

“I'll try, Mamma,” Fuchsia promised, “I'll try.”

Fuchsia pushed the gate open and walked out. A brave volunteer closed the gate after she had gone through. Fuchsia closed her eyes, then opened them and glanced back at her mother. She slowly walked into the thick forest.

After she could no longer see the field or her herd, Fuchsia galloped through the woods and to the place where The Journey was said to begin.

695 words
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