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A journal entry--On understanding men
The strength in men we so often fail to see...or choose to be ignorant and selfish.
Recently I hurt and was disrespectful to a man I admire very deeply.
We as women often fail to realize how much strength these men have, how much they do.. day in and day out. They carry this heavy burden, a load no one seems to understand, even though they are simple creatures and they just need for someone to truly understand.. for someone to trust them. For someone to believe in them. But we, as women fail so hard at this. Maybe we have been hurt, treated wrongly. But when that one man comes along, true, honest, unselfish and kind... do not push him away, even when it's in our nature.. to keep defensives up and believe the very worse may be happening. Chances are the worse are self conceived and a worry you have mustered up in your own mind. What can be worse than that? A truly, faithful hard working man to be let down by what this world has portrayed as "deceit" ? It's a war against men. Yes, read that again. A war against men, the true founders of our cougntry and the reason we have such luxury today is by these respectful men.
The next time you leave your house, be thankful, be appreciative for what those men have sacrificed, suffered for, stayed up late for and put their lives on hold for you.. to live in your adorned life of luxury.
Stop being self obsessed and appreciate the efforts of a great and wonderful man who lives every day to make the lives around him glorious.

(For H.H. 2017)

Author's note: this was a scribbled down bunch of thoughts, please no reviews for now, as I need to edit it and smooth it out, thanks!! ~River *Smile*
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