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by trip
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Dark · #2143913
Staring never hurt anyone...
It must have been the flawless skin that drew my attention. Not just the usual, casual glance or look, but a full on stare. She was standing there in the aisle of Walmart, looking at the lingerie and my eyes were undressing her on the spot. My wife saw my gaping stare, mouth hung open and eyes glued to the girl of Asian descent with the very short tartan skirt, white button down linen shirt that showed her colored bra beneath and legs that seemed to stretch on forever, disappearing beneath the skirt that was barely there; enough to basically cover the cheeks of what I imagined to be a flawlessly smooth butt.
I didn't hear my wife talking, but I sure did feel the swat she gave my bicep. Then I heard every last word of her diatribe. "How can I be so rude as to just stop in mid-stride, and stare at that young girl? She never asked to be a sex object. She's young enough to be your daughter, and maybe your grand-daughter! I'm going home! You can find your own ride home."
I heard all of that, and still stood there staring at this gorgeous creature. My wife left the store and me in the aisle. I finally got the courage up to go say hi to her. I walked up to her and noticed that she hadn't moved one bit since I'd first laid eyes on her. The clothing looked so real, her skin seemed to be alive with vigor, yet she was totally still.
My curiosity got the better of me and I craned my head around to look at her face. Her eyes twinkled, giving the appearance of life, yet they failed to move. "Are you ok miss?" I touched her and the body was warm, but quite stiff. The flesh was pliable, but more like one would find on a sex doll. I wondered, "Who the fuck would put a sex doll in Walmart, dressed like this? I bet it was some wife, hoping to tempt her man much in the same way that a wildlife officer puts a fake Bambi in a field by the tree line. A decoy meant to lure those that toe the line and flirt with disaster.
I was just about to walk away when I felt what I could only describe as a pin prick. My feet seemed to be glued to the floor afterwards, and my body resisted all mental commands. I was locked inside my own body, feeling, seeing, smelling and hearing everything. But that wasn't the only thing terrorizing me at that moment; I felt as if the shell I was in was also morphing. I had been looking down at the girl, but now I was looking level at her. My clothing felt way too large, as if I'd lost quite a bit of weight.
Then I heard a woman's voice, "We caught another cheating bastard. That's two in one hour. Help me drag this one to the changing room so we can get his clothes off and then get him...or shall I say her, dressed."
Another voice, also female replied, "I never would have believed this unless I saw it with my own eyes. That old dude looks as young as that Asian chick. He went from his fifties into some girl's teens. He looks fucking hot now. I'd use him as a sex doll. Is that your plan mom?"
Mom answered, "Yes dear. I can show you what sex is like with young girls without any laws being broken, unless you consider this transformation as illegal."
I felt the cold air as they undressed me and then I saw my new body. They stood me in front of the mirror, nude. I was enthralled with my new self, budding A breasts, peach fuzz bush and a visible slit with a swollen clit, gentle curves that hinted at what would be a heartbreaking body, should I ever grow up, and a bubble butt that would have men, men like me drooling. I watched as they dressed me up like the Asian decoy that caught my attention and that's when I noticed that I looked just like her. I could have been her twin.
I was carted out to the floor and placed in the aisle looking at thongs when I heard my wife's voice speaking to the mom from the dressing room, "Thank you so much Carrie. I knew he was a low life fucking dog, but you proved it to me. Now he can know what it's like to be objectified, stared at, and I imagine, used. I know I can use what you've paid me for him. The five hundred thousand dollars will go a long way toward making my life better. If what you told me was true, you'll make that back in no time. See you all later. Nice doing business with you."
I found out over the next twenty years exactly what my wife was talking about as I was rented out to every place imaginable, for naughty, nefarious and nice occasions. I mean, who wouldn't want to have a sex doll that looked like me? A lifelike Asian teen that was warm, flesh-like, supple, and slightly poseable, including a mouth that could be opened and eyes that could be made to look in any direction.

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