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Two teens must decide to trust an AI orb before their space station explodes.
Attention: Report to your escape pods immediately.  An explosion in the biometrics ring is imminent. Life support will be compromised.

The orb circled Kariq’s head and flashed off in a straight line through the hall portal.  In a moment it reappeared, floating in the doorway.

“Come on! Orbie wants us to follow.”  Manderine grabbed Kariq’s hand and jerked him along.  Several station inhabitants rushed past the two teens heading in the opposite direction.

“No, the pods are this way.” Kariq planted his feet and yanked his hand away. “This station’s going to blow, and I’m not playing tag with some pet.” 

“Orbie’s not a pet. It’s a series three artificial intelligence orb.  It knows the station’s going to blow.”  When Kariq shook his head, Manderine’s lips hardened and her brown eyes snapped. “Fine, I’ll go.” 

Manderine disappeared through the portal, and Kariq sighed before darting after her.  He had spent half his sixteen revolutions chasing after her.  This time, it just might get them killed.

He caught up with her near the commissary, not another soul in sight.  As soon as they entered, the emergency hatch slammed down behind them, and the floor began shaking. 

“No!” Kariq’s heart caught in his throat.  The steal doors were designed to be impenetrable.  Not even bacteria could breach the seal.  They were trapped, hidden away on a doomed station with no escape. 

An explosion blew Kariq off his feet, and darkness settled over him.

When he came to Manderine was pressing a compress to his head.  “You need to thank Orbie.  This section’s environmental controls are intact, and we’ve got plenty of sustenance.”  She shook her head.  “According to the internal tracking sensors our escape pods were a part of a section that failed to launch.  At last count, 31 dead.” 

Word Count = 298

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