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Rated: E · Short Story · Environment · #2143946
Food & Water Scarcity
I and Wafi were walking along a street feeling hungry and thirsty in the hot weather, but however we look around, we couldn't find a "halal" food stall anywhere.

Desperately desiring respite from the heat, I suggested to Wafi that maybe we should first sleep and then come again for a second food hunt.

We were just turning around to go when out of the corner of my eyes, I spotted a fruit shop. The fruits were being sold by an elderly Chinese couple. As we approached it, I saw a signboard that read "Papaya and Pineapples".

As I browse through the fruit choice, I noticed that there wasn't that much. The fruits were also drying out and starting to rot.

I picked out a sliced papaya. It looked more like a dried carrot. I also selected an ear of tiny corn about the size of one of my finger bones that were vacuum packed.

As I handed over the food item to the lady, she mumbled out a price that had me thinking that maybe I had heard it wrong.

I asked her again for the price and was utterly shocked when she said a little bit louder "$7.50".

I looked like I had been mistaken to be a twit and was about to be cheated out of my money. My face heats up as I argued at the unreasonable price.

Taking Wafi by the hand, I stormed off declaring that I wouldn't be buying anything from them. Instead, I am going to rest and then look around some more for a shop that can sell more reasonably and hopefully the better quality of food.

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