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A poem for worried Parents
One little angel fell from the sky /
Landed in a basket
A lady heard him cry/
The lady ran to him
Saw the angel face/
She felt a love so great
She had to keep the angel safe /
She asked why he came when he was old enough to speak/
He said two more are coming I'm the first out of the three/
My name is Kel my gift will make you strong / Give you faith for all the trouble that's about to come/
The next angel is a girl, I must go but I'll be near/
Shes afraid of this world help her to calm her fears/
He flew away, the lady once again was all alone/ she was just about to cry til she felt the glowing sun/
She looked up saw something making circles in the clouds/
Oh no its angel 2 the lady said out loud/
She stretched out her arms and caught her with a hug /
The girl was the prettiest little girl in the world/
She held her only for a sec A great spirit came/
She said this one has a purpose but first she need a name/
Lala, is her name will we ever meet again ./ The spirit said yes if you keep her in your dreams./ You can not handle them both at the same time/ this one here is feisty one her gift is your cries./ She lets you see what you need to learn to forgive./ Then they left. The lady cried til the lake filled with tears./ She felt a sweet joy come in to her heart/ please stop crying said a girl from afar/ LaLa? No God calls me Beauty/ I'm the youngest of the angels but I got the biggest duty/ you see my gift is hope, he said you need a lot of love/ to fix your broken heart and remember who you was./ Your a fallen angel too in heaven you're a mom/ you have three gorgeous babies. I was the last one./ The other two you know. They were here before me/ you're a warrior but your spirits growing so weak/ I came to remind you you got a job too/ to get back on your feet let Jesus work through you/ fight for our love don't give the devil joy/ God is fighting with you til the evil is destroyed./ I came to bring unity to show you you deserve/ a family that wasn't given, a love you truly earned/ the faster you move to add his story/ the sooner we'll be happy. God will get the glory./ Kel, LaLa, and I will pray./ Lord give us all serenity, to make it through the day./ She said you're so right Beauty God wont let us down./ We all have wings but its he who wears the crown. Amen
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