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Rated: E · Short Story · Mystery · #2144143
What would you do if you faced death? Would you give up or fight to live another day?
Serial Killer-a person who commits a series of murders, often with no apparent motive.

There is a moment in every persons life where they need to kill to survive. Sadly, this moment came too early in Anna's life.
Anna was returning late at night from her friend's birthday party when her car broke down in the middle of a deserted street corner. She popped open the hood of the car and was looking for the source of the problem. A blue sedan suddenly swerved and hit the lamppost on the opposite side of the street. She ran towards the car to help the person. A tall man came out of the car cursing," Damn it! The tyre's busted".
Anna asked "are you okay?".
He replied "yeah...I'm fine. Do you happen to have a tyre jack in your car?". He looked at her car and said," what's wrong with your car".
Anna said "No... no I don't. Can you take a look at it?".
He looked under the hood of the car and said "your spark plug is fried. I'm going to the auto repair shop two blocks down, you want to come with me? I'm Ronnie by the way."
Anna thanked him and went with him to the shop. After purchasing the items Ronnie said" I'll be back in a minute." And went to the wash room. Anna was still paying for her items when she heard an emergency broadcast from the reporter of the local news channel saying, "......advised to stay in their homes. This serial killer has taken the lives of three people tonight and is still out in the city. The identity of this killer is still unknown. He is known to be 6'0-6'5 tall and was recently seen with a blue car. The police are searching for this killer at this very moment. Please stay in your house till further notice." Anna realized at that moment that Ronnie was about 6'5 and he had a blue sedan. Horrifying thoughts rushed into her mind. Ronnie came back from the washroom, he looked at her and smiled, "shall we go now?" he said. Anna nodded her head and moved towards the exit. She walked behind him ready to run if something went wrong. "Is everything alright Anna? You don't look so good." He said. They reached their cars and Ronnie said that he would fix her car. 'He seems like a good person, but can I trust him?' Anna thought to herself. Ronnie said "Almost done, let me clean it up for you." And walked towards his car on the opposite side of the street.
As Ronnie was walking towards his car a bright light flashed for a moment. A car was speeding towards him, she shouted" look out!" and in a split second it hit him. Ronnie's body flew across the street and landed on the pavement. Anna was petrified, not because Ronnie was dead but because the car that hit him was a blue coloured and the person in the driver seat was staring right at her. The person came out of the car with a gun in his hand. Anna ran back to her car and opened the door, but she was too late. A bullet had hit her right knee, she could feel the bones cracking in her body. The upper half of her body fell into the car. She could not bear the pain and started crying. The killer went to Ronnie's body shot shot him twice making sure he was dead.
Anna pulled herself into the car and started driving towards the killer. She ducked down to avoid the bullets, but she forgot that the hood was still open. The Killer laughed maniacally and shot at the engine repeatedly. The car blew up killing both Anna and the killer.The choice Anna made that moment saved many others from the ruthless killer. It is said that in an intense and life-threatening situation our mind decides to 'fight or flight'. Anna chose fight.

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