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Asking For God's Help Raising a child.
Devotional poem in Prayer

"A gift on Loan from God"

Father God,

I look at the child sitting before me; and I am awed.
He is the fulfillment of my dreams; he needs me.
He looks to me for his basic needs.
He must be taught the simplest of things.

Who will this child be, he who sits looking back
at me? Blank is the canvas, ready to take on color
and form; who is this child waiting to be molded
like clay, who will he be?

Will I be worthy of your gift O Lord? Help me guide
this precious child to discover your gifts. Urging him
always to walk in your love. Assist me in teaching
him to use his gifts for your kingdom.

Help me O Lord not to be distracted in my endeavor.
The call of the flesh is great and unforgiving. Worldly
possessions are fading and spoiling. Only your
promises last forever Lord.

Lord help me shield this child from those who would
destroy your handiwork. Most of all help me teach him
your love. For it is by your love we conquer all.


Written by: C.F. Heesch

Writer Chuck

Inspired by the song " Lead Me"
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