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A backstory about to Pegasus. A story I have been working on for years.

Remington is a beautiful, black, winged Pegasus. He has strands of glittery gold running through his mane and tail, which is very noticeable in the sunlight. Remington is a shy and confused creature, which is not of this world. His physique in human form is strong and muscular, yet because of him being confused and lost, he does not know his own strength. As a man, he stands at 6'5" he has long black dreadlocks running down his back. He can easy change into any creature, human or animal, but only under direct sunlight. If trap in darkness with no light for a long period of time, he will become weak and eventually die. The sun in away is their source of energy.
Remington follows his friend and long time companion, a princess, who is from a difference universe, and a difference time, to earth. She (Ashley) wanted to adventure out and get away from the demands of royalty. Being her protector and royal guard, which he was appointed from the day of his birth, Remington has no choice but to follow her. Pasting through a portal of time and space they have no idea where they were headed or what was out, or what type of aliens they will run into. Ashley loved the form of a Pegasus, so together through the portal they went, one black Pegasus and one white Pegasus. This is how they ended up on earth, and get capture in the backwoods of Danville, Kentucky. They are shot with a tranquilizer gun, and lock up inside a barn.

Remington physical appearance is the most beautiful, anyone as ever seen. Has a Pegasus, his hair is as black as coal. He has beautiful black velvet like wings on his back. His mane and tail have glitters of gold running through them. His body is big and muscular; he has feathery, black hairs on his four legs, like that of a Gypsy Vanner. His eyes are dark brown, almost black and he has teardrops of diamonds. Remington's walk is strong and graceful; he stops everyone in his or her tracks when he walks by. Everything about him is strong and healthy. He has no blemishes or markings. He is completely free of any battle starts; maybe it is because he heals so quickly.
In human form, Remington stands at 6'5"; he is extremely muscular, with a golden tan body. His eyes are kind and dark with a hint of suspension. His long dreadlocks are pull back with a black, thick, rubber band, and strands of pure gold running through his hair. He has the most beautiful mesomorph shape body any man would ever want, and every woman loves. Remington will do anything to protect the woman he loves, or in this case the creature he loves, even if the creature doesn't know he's in love with her.
Remington temper reflects his transformation, unless he is calm down. He has more authority, than any other creature, because of his strong connection with the princess, in his place of origin and also the ability to transform quickly into a Bengal tiger. He is well known in his community, but on earth he must keep his abilities strictly confidently, only the six children he meets, knows his secret.

Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka,http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/5200

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