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Production Company Business Model
Fair practice maintenance simplification, Facebook messenger, thumbs up checks from participating artists on a monthly basis with the purpose of ensuring a comfortable environment without hostility or intimidation. Including regular audits for reporting policies being followed on both ends of production, at obvious, but mild degrees. Probably to the degree of simple disagreements, which I'd expect to hear about, as a part of the user agreement, in the spirit of maintaining freedom of expression and integrity. Fan participation in auditing the language present in the art would be encouraged and anything identifiable as potentially hazardous, or possibly illegal in terms of speech would have to, either, be rewritten, or scrapped, in the spirit of public safety. Visual arts that carry questionable presentation, motive, or language may be able to supercede the auditing process by stating the motivation clearly, and obviously, in the opening credits. A, more or less, no holds barred type of genre would be accommodated for with an appropriate warning label, I.e. "psychotica", or "cryptographa", or "speculative conspiracy theories", and would not be held to the same standards as the artwork in other genres. Parallel to the moonshot premise in the sense that the arts that can survive mainstream attention and speculation are able to do so unhindered, while the arts that can't acquire the appropriate labels or change to meet the goals of the artist. This ensures that enthusiasts are able to access the types of materials they want and ensures that mainstream art is devoid of some of the issues that are present today.
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