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by K.HBey
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Fiction story about the reign of Cleopatra the queen of ancient Egypt and her new regime.
Lying on her divan, Cleopatra seems wholly thoughtful . Cleopatra is a beautiful woman. She has got wide brown eyes, long black hair and a tan dyed. She still preserves a baby skin at forty eight. That is why she always looks fresh and young.
She possesses quiet severe features but full of charm . As her distant look emanates from both an immense bore burden, a heavy governance responsibility and a great wisdom. .

She is wearing a long turquoise dress; which has a little decolletage .It is made of satin. The dress is decorated with sapphire gems. A thing which procures more elegance to the queen.
She has got a golden snake around her neck with long assorted earrings. Her arms are coated with golden bracelets set with turquoise gems. In her seductive feet, a thin golden necklace around her both ankles rendering her more attractive. The necklace is not only put for the beauty but for distinguishing the kingdom family members as well. The later ones are buried with their preserved necklaces. It is an ancestor ritual.The necklace contains a turquoise stone carved with the name of Cleopatra and the first date of her reign.
Cleopatra possesses an important knowledge. She has learned policy and strategy, theology,sciences and the art of drawing in the erudite school of ancient Egypt. Such last one was only reserved to the kingdom family members.
Such insolent both beauty and intelligence, render Cleopatra a strong woman and queen.

Her room is an immense sanctuary. The roof is sculpted with ancient Egypt hieroglyph where the Turquoise color is dominant. The figurines represent the entire dynasty of Cleopatra kingdom family members. The grand father, pharaoh of Egypt Thoutmosis the third is represented here as opening the door of the kingdom of the eternal world after death. He is followed by Queen Hatshepsut. Such wonderful woman, who led the reign of Egypt for decades. She is wearing the bi_ colored white and red crown symbolizing respectively the south or upper Egypt and north Egypt or lower Egypt . In her hands there is a lotus flower which represents the Nile. The walls with multicolored hieroglyph text and drawings, surround the chamber of Cleopatra.

Her golden bed is covered with a fair green mousseline veil.The fair pink velvet cushions give a beautiful decor where colors are assorted and offer a smooth harmonic ambiance. From the four corners of the chamber, an amazing cool water fall sound is heard coming from the court yard. A smooth light which reverses from the shining golden candlesticks, adds at night, a certain beautiful cool and mystic atmosphere to such area which is Cleopatra sanctuary.

Suddenly such peaceful night is broken by an immense scream.

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