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My grandmother had some of the most amazing stories.
Most religious people I knew seemed to worry about if they would end up going to heaven or not.
My grandma didn't worry.
She knew she was bound for the good place.
She was married, with kids already. but was in the hospital due to complications from her latest pregnancy.
She was pregnant with three different babies in three different stages do to what may be the first recorded Tricornuate uterus.
Her heart stopped.
She found herself talking to a taller. healthier more beautiful version of herself.
She introduced herself as her twin sister who had died when my grandmother was less than a year old.
They had been separated at birth by the midwife after they were born conjoined at the shoulder by a bit of flesh.
Her twin had spina bifida here but her perfected body showed no signs of it.
She was given the chance to stay and enjoy heaven now, or go back and go on to do many great things.
She choose to return.
She lived the rest of her life knowing what awaited her and brought joy to all of her kids and grandkids as if they were each her firstborn.
They all miss her but know she is happy.
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