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Love between a girl,a clown,and the ringmaster, will she choose or will they do it for her
Writers note: Here is the completed first chapter of 3.

It was the eve of her 18th birthday, and Constance couldn't sleep in anticipation of the day to come. Constance is 5’11" 115 pounds curly dirty blonde hair and wore clothes that you would expect someone from the 1980s to wear such as high waist faded jeans and oversized tees and off the shoulder sweaters. She is not your typical teenage girl instead of boy band posters and fluffy pillows, her room is plastered with elaborate paintings of circus tents, clowns white tigers and tight rope artists. She was immersed in all things circus.
When she was 8 years old, her Aunt and Uncle came to town and took her and her siblings to the circus. It was called Big Top Dreamscape. That is the first time she saw him. His name is Monsieur Victor Calixto the ringmaster of the show. At the time he looked to be in his early twenties, he is tall and broad shouldered he has long brown hair that is pulled back into a pony tail and in that moment she knew that she had to meet him and that she would one day be a part of his circus. She wasn't sure why at the time but as she got older she knew that her infatuation with him was an undeniable attraction. One that made her long to be with him and to be a part of his show.

As the years went on she went to the circus every year on her birthday until she turned 15 when she found out that Calixto moved to Stonemis, Ohio and he had started his own circus called
"Circus Lunacy-where your most spine-chilling nightmares come true"
She has been training in acrobatics and gymnastics since she turned ten. She knew that she would have to be in shape and trained for Calixto's circus when she turns 18.She would take a trip and see the new show; then she plans on auditioning to become a part of it.

Her mother has offered to pay for the trip but did not want to go with her. Truth be told her parents were happy when the circus moved so they would no longer have to take her. This is going to be the best birthday of her life, little did she know it could possibly be her last.

The next morning when Constance woke up, she was euphoric. She took extra care to look her best to make sure she is noticed by Calixto. He had the most powerful voice, and he had such a way with all of the performers and animals. She had to not only meet him, but impress him when she went to his show for the first time in 3 years. She packed her bag with the intention of staying there and becoming part of the show and hopefully one day being Calixto's assistant in the main act.

Three and a half long hours later she arrived at Circus Lunacy and eagerly hopped out of the car and ran to the front doors.
The doors are locked!
She just called them yesterday to confirm the show time and her reservations for a table at the meet and greet afterwards. What had happened between then and now? At this point she was about to burst into tears until she realized the door said "Doors open at 6 pm, and close at 7 pm. The Circus waits for no one!"She looked down at her phone, and it was only 5:14. She looked around, and she is the only person here.

She wandered over to a nearby bench and sat down and pulled out her Big Top Dreamscape pin that her aunt and uncle had bought her all those years ago. Holding it in her hand she had to fight back tears of excitement. This moment was a long time coming and now she had to sit here for 45 min to get in? She could hardly wait. Just then she felt a tap on her shoulder. She was so lost in thought that this tap back into reality startled her and she nearly fell off the bench.
"Whoa sorry, lady, if that scared you then you are in for quite the scare during the show."
She blankly stared at the man in front of her. He was wearing black jeans and a button up plaid shirt with a red bow tie and his face was painted white.
"Are you ok miss? I'm Marley is this your first time to our show?"
"Uhh uh, no. I mean yes, it’s my first time since you opened here in Ohio. I used to see Monsieur Calixto when he ran Big Top Dreamscape"
"Oh if you meet him don't bring up that place we are forbidden to speak of it here. It upsets him."
"What happened?"
"That's not my place to say miss, got a name?"
"Constance, nice to meet you Marley"
"Nice to meet you too, I'll tell you what, I happen to have this VIP pass here how about I show you around?"
He pulled out a red lanyard VIP pass from his back pocket. She jumped up so eagerly that she nearly fell over.
"Yes, I would love that! Thank you so much!"
As they walked to the back doors, she told Marley that she was there for her 18th birthday. All about how much she loved the circus and how she could not wait to meet Monsieur Calixto. He opened the door and motioned down a dimly lit long hallway. She got a strange feeling in the pit of her stomach as she walked down the hall she couldn't quite tell if Marley intimidated her or intrigued her.

At the end of the hall, he opened another door that led into a harshly lit room covered in vanities with large mirrors. Makeup and costumes lay haphazardly on the tops of the tables. People were everywhere getting ready for the show. She saw a vampire, a zombie, and what she thinks is a cyclops.
"This is the dressing room. Its 40 minutes to doors open and we do double duty as ushers before the show."
When Calixto opened his own circus, he wanted to make it his own by making it scary year round not just on Halloween. Seeing the company getting ready is so exciting. This is where she belongs. She could feel it now more than ever. They continued walking, and he opened the door to a large room that smells like a zoo and she heard the sound of several animals, but he closed the door again quickly.
“The animals aren't too keen on strangers, but that is where they are taken care of."
They continued walking and on the left there was a door with a black star.
"Is that Calixto’s dressing room?"
"No. That is the prop room. No one is quite sure which room is Calixto's, he is very private. If you are lucky enough to know, it’s something you are expected to keep to yourself."
He winked at her and said,
"If you play your cards right I'll show you where I stay." Constance blushed and replied.
"You are confident, aren't you? Who says I want to see where you stay?"To which he smiled and didn't reply. They continued walking. He pointed to the left "down this way leads to the lobby, and to the right leads to the sleeping quarters for those of us who came to the circus and never want to leave.”
Overhead Constance heard a bell and the lights flickered. “Alright doll, 5 minutes to doors open and I’ve got to usher in the other guests. Would you allow me to walk you to your seat?”and he held out his arm. Sadness rushed over her. She did not want to part from Marley. She has really enjoyed the last thirty minutes she has spent with him. He is really one of a kind, and there was something in the way that he looked at her that told her he felt the same. She linked arms with him, and he walked her toward the stands of the ring. As he opens the doors, her jaw dropped. It is the most beautiful sight she has ever seen. The seats were cushioned like you would expect to see at the theater. The Décor reminded her of a haunted house and she cannot wait to see what is to come. He escorted her to a section in the front with red velvet rope barriers with a gold plated sign that said “VIP” on it. Marley smiled and said “I hope to see you after the show.”He grabbed her hand and gently kissed it and walked away. Constance blushed. She surely hopes that she will see him too.
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