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by auye
Rated: E · Fiction · Animal · #2144497
A lion king story about Zira

"With more lionesses in the hunting pack, it is way more easy to hunt!" Simba smiled as he looked at the vast land he has. " Scar and Zira are both gone, the pridelands seemed like paradise! No more destruction to be made. That's what we called the circle of life."
"Father!" Kiara pounced at him as Kovu laughing at her side. " Kovu and I had planned to go for a walk. We would come back before the sun goes down." "Should I call Timon and Pumbaa to take care of you two?" Simba's worrying eyes made Kiara felt uncomfortable. "No thanks. We are adults already, and ill be the future queen!"
"Fine, then be safe and have fun!" Simba beamed as they left priderock.
         " Catch me if you can!" the couples played tag as they reached the riverbank. " I can catch you Kiara, just a little more speed and ouch!" "what is the matter Kovu?" Kiara walk beside him as his eyes flashed out an eerie feeling. "Catch you!" "You are so nasty!" Kiara laughed but Kovu seemed scared. "What is the matter?" "Be..behind you.." Kiara screamed as she saw a pair of laser like green eyes staring at her...          
" Long time no see my dear Kiara...remember me pushing you towards the cliff..." a whining sound was released as the green light came closer. " Are...you...Zira? That's not possible?" Kiara questioned with her fists shaking. " Yes! I am Zira! And I am here to take revenge!" The brownish lion pounced on Kiara as Kovu blocked her way. " You cannot do this mother! Don't you dare to hurt my wife!" " Kovu ,Kovu ,Kovu...You have changed like before. You are a shame to Scar!" Zira bit Kovu at his hind leg with her knife-like-teeth and he flattened on the floor. " You are lucky that my aim is not you two , my dear, my goal is the recapture Scar's land!" And she pushed Kiara out of her way as she stood at where she was, shocked. And she fell into the riverbank unconscious . " Don't you dare to hurt Simba, he is a rightful king." " I don't care. I wanna be king!" "You cant do that!" forgetting his pain, Kovu charged at Zira but was easily defeated . " I love you Kovu , but I love Scar's land more."
         " Kiara wake up..Kiara.." limping , Kovu went to the side of Kiara and cried.
         "Zazu, you go near the hakuna matata Falls to search, Vitani, go towards the outlands, Nala, go towards the riverbank...and I will surround pridelands to see if anyone needs help." Simba commanded as he hoped the crew would find his daughter and son in law.
         " How now my love, why are your cheeks so pale? " " Because I cannot find my daughter...wait...who are ..." Nala saw total darkness even if she could finish her sentence.
         "Simba..." Simba felt a weak voice murmuring his name. He looked behind-it was Kovu! Blood was all over his tracks as he crawled from the riverbank. " I feel like I can't do it anymore...Zira...Zira killed your daughter.
"What!" Simba stormed in rage as he thought of the lioness in caramel like brown plummeting his daughter to death. " Kovu, take a rest at Rafiki's tree. I will go towards the riverbank."
         "Father! What are you doing here?" Kiara found that she was lying under a nearby tree, next to her was her beloved father. " Have you seen Zira?" "That disgrace of lions just knocked me into the riverbank, I would be flooded to death if the river water rushed in . Luckily it's the dry season." " You should bear no fear my daughter, I will help you find Zira out."
         "Did you just called my name?" a creepy voice slithered into Simba's ear as Zira marched into his eye range. "Zira, no one here is afraid of you, besides, I am the king." Simba stared at her ferociously ."You should be afraid because you are the king...because your family are easy targets..." Zira sneered as she dragged a badly wounded lioness next to her.
         "Na...Nala?" hearing his love crying for help, Simba raged as he charged towards Zira. But before he could do anything, ashes of smoke surrounded him completely and he felt that he cannot breathe .
"It is from that way...The prideland's on fire!"
"I received help from someone and the fire is on! Muhahahahaha..."
         "You evil lioness of Scar! You don't deserve to live!" Simba cursed as Zira disappeared in ashes.
         "Daddy, I can ..." " No, you cannot help, you are injured. Stay here. I will go back to the pridelands." Simba interrupted Kiara who is next to him, and smashed her heart to help. " I will help my father" Kiara promised herself in her heart that she will do something.
         "How do you want to die little girl..." Nala stared at her as Zira dragged her to the cliff. " I will do the way how Scar killed Mufasa too! Your love is too busy fixing the P pridelands , no one will care about you fluffy!" Zira backend a bit and sprinted towards the queen. " Here comes your little princess!" Bleeding, Kiara dashed out and stopped Zira like once she stopped her hurt Simba at the edge of the riverbank.
         "You are no match for me catty, I am Zira. I will not fail for the second time!" Zira bit her wound on her arm and knocked her aside like how Scar once knocked Sarabi down. "Don't you dare to hurt my mother again!" lying on the ground, Kiara grabbed her tail with her mouth and pulled. Zira plummeted to the ground as she received this unintentional attack. " it seems like the daughter has to go to heaven first!" Zira turned around and hit Kiara's forehead like a boulder squashing an ant and Kiara flew into the bushes nearby. " Daughter!" Nala cried as she crawled into the bushes and saw her daughter dying. " That's right, I killed your daughter, and you will see her within a second!" Zira lowered her body and crushed her teeth into the lioness' throat. " two done. Last target will be Simba...I bet he still don't know what has happened to him." Zira thought as she left the crime scene. But little didn't she know, someone is after her...
         " It's a total disaster , my lord, what shall we do!" The herd of buffaloes wailed impatiently as Simba was cooperating with the elephants on the strategy to spray the water efficiently with the scarce amount of water they had. " It is the dry season. Ending a fire is way harder than you thought. Keep up the good work elephants, I will meet you all back here. I will talk to the zebras on stop panicking."
         " Kiara! Kiara! That filthy canker-blossom is the worst!" " You are right Pumbaa, Waking Kiara is the only thing we can do. Nala's hopeless." "I am still thinking the time that she chases me!" "Wahhh!" Lying on the queen's body, the meerkat and the warthog poured rain from their eyes as they try to wake up Kiara. " We should stop her just now. Ill give her a hit, and a kick like this!" " She is so agile and strong! Even a lion cannot stop her, we will be doomed by this devil!" Pumbaa freaked out as Timon showed his fighting skills. " I have a plan Pumbaa , since you are bigger and walks faster, you go stalk Zira, I will catch up to you when Kiara wakes up. I remember Rafiki has used a kind of herb to heal this kind of these broken forehead and half dead situations." "you mean the bikabalabulubazain herb?" " You are right Pumbaa, and it is right there. But it is on a tree..."
         " Can you get it Timon?" "A little more higher please." Pumbaa tip toed up a bit more as Timon stretched his whole slim body to conquer the herb. " Get it!" "Yay!" Pumbaa bounced up to celebrate as Timon crashed his head on the twig. " See you later Timon!" " Alright...Thanks for your help..." massaging his bump on the head, Timon waved goodbye.
         " According to the scent, she must be nearby." " Good try old friend , trying to stalk me?" A pair of green eyes shone behind Pumbaa. " Zira?" "That is right Pumbee, or is it Punjab... whatever. I will call you Mr pig." Zira laughed as she didn't realise she had made a big mistake. " What have you just said?" "I said Pig, are you deaf?" " You called me Mr Pig! Arghhhh!" Pumbaa sprinted into action as Zira was shocked. " You really think the same technique can be used twice? I am here in the battle of Scar too, pardon me." Pumbaa realized he cannot move any further as Zira's paw blocked his way. " Run!" with a failed technique, Pumbaa fled with a bloody mouth ready to swallow him behind.
         " Just a little bit in the eye ... and done!" Timon grinned as the lioness started coughing. "Achoo!" Kiara bounced up suddenly and squashed Timon. " Why are you here?" Kiara asked with a thankful heart. " I am here you wake you up my majesty. But your mother...is dead." Kiara could not believe her eyes as she hugged her mother tight. "Let's catch up with Pumbaa shall we?" " I want to stay here with my mother longer. Bye Timon. I will see you at priderock shall we? And thank you for the bandage too. " Be careful!" they both greeted each other and Timon continued his plan to catch up his friend.
         " Mother! Mother! Why aren't you saved ! Your daughter is here to rescue you. But I failed. Please mother please, Wake up so I can be with you forever." " Why are you in misery, my child?" a shadow bellowed as Kiara looked behind. " Aren't you grandfather Mufasa? Why are you here with... wings?" Kiara was shocked as she saw Mufasa who is angel like. " I am here to..." " Guide me just like how you guide my father... reconnect to the circle of life... I can even recite it in my dreams." "He sure tells you everything." Mufasa appreciated her interruption. " But this time it is not really me who guide you. I am playing the role as Rafiki in your father's case. " Kiara...Kiara..." A soft sound rolled in the lioness' ears. " Mother!" Another shadow rises next to Mufasa. " Do not fear my daughter, I am with your grandfather, we will be living happily in the sky. Go tell your father that not to give up because of my death, but continue being a good king who respected the circle of life...now bring my body back to where I should be, and peace is with me."
Timon hummed as he sensed danger. "fry, cook or steam? Mr pig..." Behind the Acadia tree, Timon saw his best friend in the paws of the lioness. " Why is Pumbaa not charging when Zira called him pig? Wait. She is a lioness, not a hyena. And pigs it size is nothing but like a bug to me. I need to help, but how?" Timon scratched his head as Zira sharpen her axe like claws. " I am tiny, what can I do? The only thing is to find help..." " Hey you ! Pick on someone your own size!" Timon cried as Zira thwarted. " You mean picking a meerkat huh?" Zira stepped towards Timon as Pumbaa was shocked. " Flee Pumbaa!" Timon signaled him but Pumbaa did not listen to him. " I am your size Zira, come eat me instead!" Pumbaa snorted as Zira felt annoyed. " I will have you both then, just like what I have done to the royals.
" Not so fast Zira!" A three footed man stood in front of Zira, with Timon behind him. " Oh, old wise Rafiki. You considered your stick as a foot! You are no match for me, go take care of my son instead." " he is not your son Zira, and you are right, I am not taking care of him right now, but..." " He brought me here by Mufasa's call." A strong, muscular lion with a healed wound fiercely stepped out and confronted Zira. " Stop your revenge, then I wont see blood." "Don't you think you can beat me Kovu? Ridiculous. I can even go on two. I have killed Kiara twice. " I hope you cannot do the third time." With her mother's carcass with her, Kiara appeared behind Zira. " Dare not hurt anyone again!" " I...I just killed you... why are you here..." " Because of us!" The two guardians of Kiara proudly commented. " It is no fair game, there's only one of me surrounded by the five of you." " Its your choice Zira. Stop now and we wot hurt you."
" I should stop if I am a fair lioness. But I am not!" Zira launched her body through the air and pounced on Rafiki as the old baboon tumbled. " I will kill him if anyone come near." " Leave me alone, my friends, respect the circle of life, I am keen to be a sacrifice. Kill her." " No Rafiki, we will not come near, you are so important to us." Kovu stepped back as he finished his word. " Dear child, come kill me, as you should be the son of Scar." " No Zira, I am now Simba's , not Scar's." " Yah, so release that mony and get outta here!" Timon cried as case, kill me first , my beloved mother." Kovu stepped ahead and hit Zira's paws , giving space for Rafiki to leave and run away. Then he bowed in front of her, ready for the hit. " Well...die!" She lifted up her arm and plugged into his mane . " Stop hurting my child!" the sky broke off and ice pellets landed onto Zira. " who are you?" the sky answered " I am his mother, I have turned into ice clouds like Mufasa who turned into thunder clouds. I give Elsa whose in Arendalle her powers, and you shall receive your punishment. And do not hurt my husband, the formal king of priderock." " I don't care you stupid sky, no one could stop me except nobody. " Nobody nobody but you" " Cha cha cha" " Nobody nobody but you..." " He is weird." The animals nearby thought as Timon and Pumbaa sang.
"Shut up fools, it is not the time for singing, but time for revenge!" " No you cannot Zira, you should be dead in order to pay your sins." Frozen hailstones covered Zira's head as she turned into ice cream. " lion taste, yummy..." the singers get out their utensils as suddenly a fireball melted the hailstones into water. "I am here to back you up." " Scar!" everybody shouted his name with misery and fear, except for Zira as she felt relief. " Let me tell you all a secret: it is I who set fire to priderock after I was summoned y Zira!" " That's right, and this is the reason I have not feared of you all!" " Your ice are no match for me, Nala . You are just newbie in the sky!" " Stop fooling around Scar." " I am already a piece of cloth, what do you want, my best brother." "You are already punished Scar. I don't want to do that again." " Fight!" Scar commanded as fireballs flashed through the sky, hitting Nala's direction as she fell to the ground. "Come on mother! You are not water! You gave Elsa her power, and why are you here being water?" " I cannot feel my soul anymore... I guess my soul has to be a puddle of water and will be licked by gazelles." Nala then disappeared forever, with a splash of water behind. " You killed my daughter! How dare you!" Flashes of lightning soared across the sky and was blocked by fireballs. " Let the battle begin!" Zira then clawed Pumbaa while Kovu attacked from behind, Kiara crying. " Girl, girl. Is this educational purpose?" " Shut up you dwarf!" Zira wanted to eat the two but was blocked by lightning. " You have to respect the circle of life, so you cannot harm the king!" " Your son harmed Scar..." "He is not the formal king! The two are the guardians of the circle of life, so dare not hurt them." " sharing Zira and go die!" " Not so fast! Zira made another Scar on Kovu's eye, but this paw is too painful that it made him one eye blind and he rolled on the earth ,crying in pain. " No one can stop me, even my son, even the great kings of the past! Mufasa cannot protect you two for long because Scar is on my side. And they are on the sky!
" How dare you killed the formal queen?" Simba rushed to the battle field and roared, followed by Rafiki. " Hooray for the king! Rafiki did seek help!" Timon and Pumbaa cheered as Zira walked towards the formal king. " Oh did I? We should have a battle to decide the formal king , just like the crocodiles." " Do not listen to him Simba. You are the formal king. This is the circle of life. There is nothing to do with it." Mufasa said as he blocks the fireballs from Scar, which is towards Simba.
It was a battle on both sky and earth. Scar was being supportive by sending fireballs everywhere. Mufasa's lightning bolt was only a temporary protection because his opponent is Scar-he had another plan. Volcanoes everywhere erupted as they spat lava to the sky. Simba, who was getting closer to Zira, was trapped by the lava stream around him. The situation was desperate. One half blind, one in depression and two doesn't know what is going on and are too weak to help. The old baboon, who was with Simba, tried his best to make way through lava. But Scar then rose the lava as they were luckily blocked by Rafiki's magical stick. " You cannot harm him Scar." " I can, and I will."

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