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by auye
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kopa being king ( non canon)

After the ceremony of Kopa's son, Kipa, Rafiki brought Kipa to the hakuna matata falls and wanted to show it to the great kings of the past. "ill offer him to you as the great circle of life." But things changed. The direction that Rafiki was pointing is instead kings of the past, but the three hyena henchmen! Shenzi, Banzai and Ed came from the sky and took the cub away to the elephant graveyard for a feast. "what a cute little cuddly woozey it is!" Rafiki was miserable on what he had done , so he left the pridelands forever.
"long live king kopa, our famous and respected king!"
"thanks good zazu, what's new with you."
"I saw that your monkey apprentice, Rafiki, has offered your son to the three hyena henchmen!"
"Oh my god! How can he do that!"kopa rushed out of the cave as zazu followed him behind . He cannot lead the way anymore as he is old. How can an old bird fly faster than a stealthy lion running like his father once was to reclaim his land?
"a little bit of cinnamon, and there you go!" Banzai beamed as the smell of cub attracted his thought of lunch. " GIVE ME BACK MY KID!" Kopa roared and confronted the trio as they crushed their flesh towards the rock behind.
"why are you here? My majesty." Shenzi sneered.
"You have got my child."
"it is an offering to us ."
"dead hyenas like you three should go back to the star you belong."
"that sounds familiar...That's what your grandfather had said to us." Banzai joked.
         "you guys don't deserve an offering and stop laughing at my grandpa." Kopa frowned.
         "we must get an offering , either your son's whole or his soul, if we don't get offering , disasters will come three in a row." Banzai and shenzi rapped.
"I don't even sense fear." Kopa fetched his son and walked away.
"why don't you say something ed?"
Up on the stars the three hyenas laid as they talked about their plan
"the first disaster comes....."
It was the dry season, food and water were scarce . " that's the only waterhole left for us lions, so we have to treasure the water." Kopa announced to his tribe. "Excuse me ! Excuse me!" a warthog raged through the pack of lionesses and almost hit kipa.
"watch where you go Pumbaa!"
"sorry my majesty, but I feel like hyenas rumbling in my stomach, this let me thought of your father's stampede..."
"stop talking bout hyenas..."
"A waterhole! That's what I needed! Thanks your royal majesty."
         Without further ado, Pumbaa sat on the waterhole and green chocolates fell from his bottom.
         "You cannot just waste water like that!"
         "I am half a parent of simba, so I can use the waterhole whatever I want!" Pumbaa raged out of the cave like he once was when the hyena trio called him mr pig.
         " no water for this dry season I guess..."Kopa sighed as he noticed something weird with the water. A sentence ' the first disaster: don't even think you can drink' appeared. "No worries guys, Ill talk to my granddad to see if he can give me some water puddles." "papa.." "Now what son.." "black...sky.."Kopa looked out and saw Mufasa's grin. "Its raining!"
         It seemed that Kopa gained mercy from the hyenas, but the second disaster follows...
         "can anyone tell me why there is so many bugs? Why don't we call pridelands buggyland instead?"Kopa moaned as caterpillars and ants playing on his hair like a playground. "sire, maybe it's the rain that matters." Zazu tried to explain. "I am not father, who ate bugs through his life and brought a pig to the pridelands. Im a formal lion." "you have neglected timon." "that's right, it is me!" timon jumped out from behind and laughed. " wait.. aren't you being hit by a bus? I think I went to your funeral last month." "what are you talkin bout? Hakuna matata man! I can help you clear the bugs! Delicious. " "should I call Pumbaa along?"Kopa hesitated. "nah, will messes things up. Let me stick to you for a while and it will be all fine." "that meerkat is suspicious...is he really timon? I saw him dead under the bus with broken arms, that might not be him..."
         "it should be Rafiki drawing the paintings for the ukumbusho tradition next week, what should I do?" " I can stand on two feet too my majesty, and I know the rituals, so why don't I draw instead?" timon confidently said. " ok..."
         It was crowded on the day of the ukumbusho. " could I borrow kipa for a while since I want to get some inspire from him "anytime. Im too busy talking to the guests."
         "so may I proudly presents the art about my son, Kipa!" Kopa tore the cloth in front of the drawing and saw nothing but a sentence bolded with red paint. "actually...timon..is...ED!" Kopa freaked out as zazu read out the words panicky. "I must rescue my son before it is too late! Sly Ed, nobody will know that you speaks!"
         Zazu soared through the sky as he called out kipa's name. "there he is !"
But what left behind was a body that has breathed out its last breath. "NO!" Kopa hugged his son tightly and closed his eyes as he knew that this was the second disaster. "death of son." Kopa really regretted not taking good care of his son. "you have got what you want ,nasty hyenas, what do you want next?" "we were dead in the flames of a battle of lions, and our ancestors had lost at the first place, what we want is to rule the land ." "oh please, please don't take the pridelands, that's the property of my ancestors, I wont have the bravery to see them when I die. I would be badly punished because I was a bad king.i might not even get star. So I rather give away my soul.it will be good too if I could see my son again." "fair enough, that's the consequence of insulting us."
"but why you would not help me father? Why not help me through the hard times?"
"I already did. Open your eyes and you will see. you are still alive. And I promise you that the lions would live forever in this land, and you would be the wisest king forever. Although you had lost a son, you will get lots in the future. Good luck taking care of this land. And remember to respect the circle of life-even hyenas."
Kopa thanked his father and continued to rule the land. So that's the story of the wise king kopa learning the circle of life.

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