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using the periodic chart for inspiration. Only for those who need to laugh ... or cry
He got home safe.
Or so he thought.
He remembered her laughter
And the nearness of being caught

He remembered the joy
And the heartache.
Now he felt the tugs of guilt
And the punishment he must now take

Lonely like the gallows looms
Empty dreams overtake
Nighttime hours stretch out
with loathing like a vicious snake

He could not forgive his pitiful self
He would remember always
Snuffing out the freshness of life
That left him with barren days.

The torment of seeing her with another
Was belied by a calm exterior
All he had to do was beg her to stay
But no, not he, not Mr. Superior

He got home safe
Single and quite alone
Was it worth it?
Only his distant self knows.

24 lines
abcb form.

H = Hydrogen
Li = lithium
Be = Beryllium
K = potassium

Ca = calcium
Ti = Titanium
V = Vanadium
Fe = iron
Ni = nicke

B = boron
C = carbon
Co = cobolt

Ne= neon
Ar = argon
At = Astatine
Re= Rhenium

Ta = Tantalum
Fr = Francium
BA= Barium
W = Tungsten
Au = gold

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