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by brom21
Rated: ASR · Short Story · History · #2144571
Hear the brief account of the great sword of Oberon seeing the world of men and elves.
word count: 1,452 prompt: Write from the point of view of a magical object

My existence came about on a cloudy day on the aisle of Avalon. I was forged alongside Excalibur by Oberon the Summer Fey King of the Seelie Court in the land of Arcadia. I remember when he drew me from the vat of water and I saw for the first time. Oberon’s pointed ears and fair face that sparkled like diamond dust. He took me by the hilt and raised me above his head. “With you I will subdue my rebellious subject Puck and his army.”

He swung me around with a gleaming face. I felt the warmth of his hand that exuded his hard grip and a feeling like a lightning bolt filled me with a buzzing feeling. I felt the smooth wood encase me as he put me in a sheath.

I was carried into a long ship filled with wondrous beings. It was no doubt as to why my creator was called the King of Summer Court for all his retinue of unicorns, elves, phoenixes and dryads was like Summer itself gave life to these wonderful beings. Next, I saw a man in a golden mantle bring me to a chest where I was shut in darkness. Nevertheless, I could hear the words of people. I could also feel the steady sway of the sea. As for the exact words of the people I heard from my dark capsule, this is what I heard:

“My husband, Puck’s forces have gathered in the enchanted forest. How do we proceed?”

“Let us wait until he makes the next move Queen Titania.”

Then I heard thumping come near the ones who were talking. “My Lord and Lady, we will be approaching soon.”

“Upon landing, we will all return to the castle. I will send a few scouts to report anything significant.”

When I heard someone we had reached the wharf, the chest I was in was being transferred somewhere. It took two hours until I saw daylight again and was brought out and saw a vast armory. King Oberon placed me horizontally on metal facets on a wall all my own! The elation dissolved when Oberon sprinted towards me with a sharp frown and took me up.

“To arms!” Oberon trumpeted when he had made his way to the main hall.

I was surprised that battle had come so soon. But I was ready to go into my first fight. I remember Oberon on a white horse, thrusting me high into the air as he barged into melee. The bloodshed was horrific and the screaming and yelling resonated across the battlefield. But honor and righteousness was on our side. And in the end, I was covered in blood but we overcame the malevolent Puck. A victory parade was held and I was cleaned and sharpened and put to rest on my wall in the armory. Months later when boredom had well set in, I saw a man in a grey mantle and he was like the elves, but his ears were grotesquely rounded. He grabbed my hilt and stole me off. I was wrapped in linen and rags and again I was blind.

I remained this way for weeks until I was borne by someone again and then unwrapped. I was inside a castle and standards hanging from the ceiling with a white background and a ride cross over it. Then I heard more speaking.

“King Henry the VI is not fit to rule England. He is much too complacent and his wife is more pertinent than he is. I, Edward Duke of York will replace him. There will be a new king soon.”

Edward Duke of York was short and slightly plump with a curious black hat that looked like a sailboat. I found it quite silly. His eyes were very deep and dark and he had a smooth white face.

All this talk of kings and places beguiled me. I did not know there were other kings and kingdoms other than Oberon’s. I was curious. Yet I knew enough to tell war was going to ensue. But what was my part in all this? Right then my question was answered by the man who spoke first.

“So this is the Sword of Oberon. It seemed a fairytale. And you and the rest of the spies saw the same things?”

“Yes Lord, it was just like a fairytale. There were unicorns and elves and everything.”

“I say dear spy. And you were not followed?”

“No. We learned much about them. They are isolationists and harbor great wealth.”

I saw Edward make a coy grin. Then his spy spoke up. “I council you to not try and plunder them. Oberon is a being of magic. He could very well turn us all in to donkeys if he will.”

“I would have suggested turning him into an ally, but seeing as we stole their sword and they keep to themselves, it would never happen. Let the general know we will engage the enemy at Towton two hours after sunrise.”

That was the last thing I heard until morning. The sun lighted through the stain glass windows up high close to the vaulted ceiling. But the peaceful golden hue of the sun was deceptive for I would soon see death on the grandest scale more than any war I had seen. I was soon taken up by the Duke of York and he attached me to his hip by a metal belt. I clanked against his metal grieves as he marched to his horse. As the men followed him they stopped at the point indicated by the Duke. About a hundred yards away was the troops of King Henry VI. Standards on each side blew in the air. The Duke pulled me from his side. The two combined armies were at least fifty-thousand strong.

I was amidst a stark silence that reigned through the open air. A standoff was between the two armies. Then I heard the Duke speak.

“Your time has come. It is now essential that there be a new king to rule England. Surrender now or be slaughtered,”

King Henry was wide eyed and his mouth open. The red cloak on his back swayed in a soft gale. He wore a typical English crown. His general approached the king of England and said something that made his expression change. He veered his eyes and poised himself. As he opened his mouth he paused and once again his general spoke to him. Whatever he was saying, appeared the only thing upholding his will and fortitude. “You speak swelling words of no merit Edward Duke of York.”

“You are a bumbling fool King Henry. Your stomach can’t even bare the prospect of war. You’re a coward.” The Duke made a coy grin and a coarse chuckle. “If you wish for death then so be it.”

With that he drew me from his belt and thrust it forward. “Charge!” yelled the Duke.

In a few moments I was invigorated with the essence of war. Cruel anger surged threw my steel core. I was being swung around and with every other stroke a foe was cut down – sometimes taking of heads and being thrust through chests. As the war went on I heard cries and loud guttural sounds. On and on it went like this. But I was enraptured in the warrior’s heat that came from my wielder. Soon the numbers were dwindling - and the number was vast. Bloody bodies lay strung across the battle plain. But in the end Edward the Duke of York prevailed and took the crown. He then was dubbed the name King Edward the IV.

A year into his reign, fate took me to me back to the place of my roots, Arcadia. One night, an elf appeared out of thin air. He took me and suddenly his appearance vanished. I was still being brought in the hands of the elf but me must have been invisible for no one saw us move past myriads of people through the vast hall. When we were well past it we went across the outer courtyard and I saw him appear again. Both of us were in a forest. And next I looked at a sight of something I had missed. It was Euricle the winged unicorn – Oberon’s own mount yet it was not he who rode him. From the silk cape and gold chain mail bearing a certain crest, it was a soldier of The Sumer Fey King.

I was sheathed in my old wooden sheath and then I felt myself being lifted into the air. I was being borne on the wings of Euricle headed back to my true master.

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