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by MoeJoe
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How a families like changed dramatically when das met Mr. Jack Daniels.
"Hey dad, can we go fishing today?"

"Son, I told you we would, stop bugging me it will happen."

"I know, but sometimes you say we will and it doesn't happen."

"Samuel I told you we would. Now shut up and go in your room, we will go later."
he said while yelling.

Dad always says we will go do something fun but then Mr. Daniels shows up and he forgets about our plans, mom doesn't even care. She hates when Mr. Daniels shows up at our house. She always ends up crying or coming in my room and locking the door. I don't get why she locks the door, and every time I ask she always ends up saying and I mean always says, "Sammy boy you are too young to understand."

"Sammy! Sammy!" comes running in mom. "Get a bag packed, NOW!"

"Why mom? I am suppose to go fishing with dad."

"Your dad went to pick up Jack."

"Mom, who is Jack?"

"You already know who Jack is, I have told you this before. It's Mr. Jack Daniel's"
mom, exclaimed.

"Why does he have to be here everyday?"

"Now is not the time to talk, please back your bag quickly. Grab anything you can fit into this suitcase that you want or need as quickly as possible."

I hurriedly started to pack most of my clothes, toothbrush and some of my games. I don't understand why we have to leave.

"Sam hurry, please. We need to leave soon!" Mom yelled from the other room.

I grabbed my backpack for school and filled another bag with my playstation and games. Mom then hurried me out the door with blankets and pillows and all of our belongings we could carry. She threw it all in the trunk of the old rustic Honda car. That old ratty car that wasn't worth anything but got us from point A to B.
As we were pulling out of the driveway I could see dad coming down the road. Mom pulled that car so fast out of the driveway I couldn't think. Next thing I know I hear dad.

"Lilly get that f***ing car back in this driveway." dad yelled.

Of course he has Jack with him.

"Now Sammy I will explain everything soon I promise. I love you so much and I'm doing this for you my darling son." mom said while crying.

I don't get why all this is happening. I don't wanna leave my dad, he is my dad. Mom and I drive for about an hour before she pulls into a Walmart parking lot. We had to drive a few towns over, maybe more.

"Okay son, we have to stop here we are meeting grandpa and grandma."

"What do you mean we are seeing grandpa and grandma? Dad said they died."

"Honey, they didn't I had to tell him that to make this plan work. They actually moved to Florida and we have only talked twice a week for seven months. I needed this to work so we could escape. Your daddy is never gonna stop being friends with Mr. Jack Daniels."

Mom then pulls up next to two different cars, I don't understand what is going on or why there are two different cars.

"Sammy stay in the car for a few minutes." as the car door slams.

I then see grandma get out of the white truck and the grandpa out of the black SUV. They talk for a few minutes, mom smiles and hugs grandma. I can tell she is saying thank you. But thank you for what I feel like I was just ripped away from my dad and I don't even know why.

Mom waves me over.

I get out of the car, grandma and grandpa then hug me and say how much they have missed me. Why would they let me believe they were dead then?

"Okay, lets get your things honey." mom says.

Mom, grandma, grandpa and I all grab our things and put it in the SUV. I'm so lost at this point I don't even know what to think anymore.

"Here is the money, and the new phone." Grandpa says to mom. He then hands her an envelope and phone. Nothing fancy just a flip phone.

Grandma then looks at me, "Sammy everything will be okay, this won't be the last time you see us I promise, but right now your momma needs you to be strong."

Its all starting to make since, we are running. Running away from dad and Mr. Jack Daniels.

I then turn to mom, "Does this mean I never have to see Jack again."

"Yes, honey that was the last time you will ever see him."

Grandma and grandpa then kiss us goodbye, they tell us to be safe. Grandpa gets in our car and we take the SUV. Mom told me everything's gonna be alright but is it. I start to drift off and fall asleep. By the time I wake up we are driving through a sign that says "Welcome to New York"

"Wake up Sammy, welcome home." mom said softly.

"What do you mean home?"

She never did answer, we pulled up into a parking garage. She went and grabbed a cart and we piled all of our stuff onto and walked into a new home where grandma and grandpa were sitting on a couch. They stayed with us for a few days to make sure everything was okay then went back to Florida. I guess this is home now, a home with no dad, and a home with no Jack Daniels.

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