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by yvette
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The benifets of thoughts with the help of imagination.
For the time being i have been telling myself that imagination is as well as thoughts but hardly had i known that thinking and imagining is far away different from each other.
Knowing that ,i have came to realise that just thoughts may not help one reach any level of life wishes whereby we humans always say that thinking harder is the best lead to success but little do we know that both thinking and imagining can help to see or even view what may happen if one did try putting the thoughts into actions .
Yes we do often use the imagination word while describing of ” dreaming” meaning that one may not succeed due to one's imagination but we also forget that seeing or having a chance to identify your own result would be one of the the things that would or can motivate one's doings.

Well how about we talking about us students , thinking has always been one of the best things to keep us busy either negative or positive thoughts thou with imaginations there can we get the view of what to do next.
Why ? that is because as we mentioned above, imagination helps one realise the benefit out of the thinking. And anyway not forget ” living your life while you imagine the tomorrows” .
Living at ones imaginations would be one off the successful things one can achieve and that is why most people use the saying ” living at my imagination” meaning having the same results in reality as in their imaginations.
Have been longing to know what other people may think about imagination but personally i do think that a thought without an imagination would be incomplete.
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