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These words came as I drove past a homeless man.
what is this we see?
This world has passages we can not see with the light that now reflects our sight.
A man speaks to someone or something not present, he jests his hand to take flight.
He stands as I ponder, who or what is he talking too he seems irritated his lips moving.
Rubbing his face, he checks his pocket and throws nothing toward the vacant air as though he is losing.
Another world I seem not to see yet it is ever so present.
Speaking to the speechless without reply, he is angry and bares resent .
Stubby fingers all grey and smeared black fidgeting with an empty cup.
He lurches at the air and kicks the cup but missed, his looks as a daunted pup.
Stirred by a presence he shifts his weight and kicks the air, his foot haunts the presence as though touching something .
Oh the retching man coiling in turmoil ,he is thinking time is after me triumphing
Sad is his face, he has taken his place with disgrace, wanting of deliverance.
Cry out loud, be let to redeem, from these shadows and dreams
Take hold of the invisible. speak to it no more, for chains shackles cause screams
Pray my soul speaks, the man is distressed and shaken as a quake
Bind and make way for that which is preset, for God to renew what has been taken
There he sits with his sole set beside him not of his to reclaim but in the power of the name of Jesus when spoken.
He will fade if words of sword are not spoken,to claim the chains be broken.
Weary and down trodden for the world has gated his life in bars of poverty show.
Should we turn and bend down to Him that has carved life this way stricken? I say yes bend down to a lower of lows.
Then He will send you to reach out ,take hold of your mast and thrive.
Time will not last soon he will be downcast, set sails toward your goals fast, to rescue and save there is no other way for this small man precious in sight.
Look past the dirt and the grime for there once was a time when he walked as any other man with out a fidget,please help on this flight.
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