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Kim Jong Un of North Korea and his missiles.

Nuclear war—the threat is real;
will Kim Jong Un of North Korea
push the button?  The fear I feel
reminds me of the Cuban crisis
way back in '62—there is no appeal
to such insanity which threatens
mass destruction, a conflagration,
the immolation of innocent beings;
thus I detest this threat, that being
unleashing the nuclear genie from 
its bottle; ’twas contained in 2017
and so I say it was a good year.
The missiles of Un flew high, flew
far soaring even over Japan but
splashed merely in the Pacific.
The Atomic Clock ticks closer to
midnight; H-bombs, not terrific
to me, nor any sane person.
The glass is half full, or perhaps
the glass is half empty with little 
dictators holding toys able to
effectively end the world.  Do
I exaggerate?  Not really; he
has become death, the destroyer
of worlds, and thus call me the
pessimist to indict 2018 as a
worse year but the thought
rings in my head like a constant
bell, the gong of war or the peal
of some conflict taking on a life 
of its own bearing its teeth like
a lust-craved demon, waving red
the want of nuclear hell, or cinder
Earth, of nuclear winter—wipe out.
He, this Un, tests his missiles, he
grins at such and seeks, I suppose
to frighten us with such grand toys
as duck and cover now emerge
again as drills for folk as targets…
Beware the year, I hope I’m wrong.

40 Lines
Writer’s Cramp
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