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How to handle the opinions of family and friends.
Family and Friends

Is your only source of input your family and friends? Do you get a sinking feeling in your stomach when you ask for their opinions? Your relationship with family and friends can be fraught with turmoil at the best of times, but, where your writing is concerned, the road might be even harder to navigate.

You love them and you don't want to hurt them and vice-versa. You also want the most valuable insight to help you grow as a writer. What you can do is always take things with a grain of salt. You might get an unvarnished opinion filled with honesty, or you might get a glowing review filled with accolades.

To make the road run smoothly, it might take a bit of your own judgement. Pick out the relatives that you believe will give you the most honest opinion, then go them consistently. Don't fly off the handle, or try not to. Take every opinion in stride. Look at your work and see if editing along the lines that they suggest fits the intent of your piece. You are still in control and know what you need to make your writing work. Polish as much as you can before you present your work, like you would do anyway.

I would suggest that a fellow writer might serve you best. Don't be secretive but balance what you show the people you love and what you don't.

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