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Daily Flash Fiction - 1st of January 2018 "Happy new year!"
The Galactic New Year isn’t really celebrated outside the rim. Heck, not even the Narfans cares too much about it and they invented it! But here on Mazarint it’s a beloved holiday for there’s power in controlling the galactical sort of things. And where there’s power, there’s coin.

With his Bio-adjuster, Forqe now looked exactly like a mazarian. With his new fingerprint, he paid the driver and got a “Happy new year!” before the cab hovered back into the fast lane. Not even the latest Xeno-scanners on the Mazarit HQ would detect he was anything other than the well-known politician Mr Dinkle Gubble.

The elevator up felt like an eternity. The only breath Forqe would be able to catch in a while. Then the ping sounded and he arrived at his office. He threw a couple of drones into the ventilation system and made a quick phone call to the maintenance room. The Bio-adjuster had done its part and now Forqe needed his normal limbs for the rest of the journey.

With some stealthy skills, Forqe sneaked past the guards to the server halls. There he hacked the mainframe to locate the new year server. Of course it was in the most difficult part of the building to get to, he had planned for that but hoped for something else. With some acrobatic stunts, he traversed the laser room and managed to pick the titanium doors.

         “Intruder detected!” the alarm sounded.

He planned for that as well. He had probably 20 minutes left before the mazarians realized what was truly happening.
Finally, he arrived at the control panel.

         GALACTIC NEW YEAR: 1/1/2018

Forqe pressed override and typed in a single word. The mazarians would be really confused when they woke up the next morning.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2144739