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an essay on college application at the NYU

College Application Essay

Educational achievement in today's life is vital. I have achieved various goals that are helpful to the society and to me as an individual through the learning process. The reason as to why I really want to pursue my degree at NYU is the immense influence of a friend who has succeeded in life by studying through NYU. I have therefore been motivated to study to greater heights for a brighter future.

NYU is a university that offers a chance for me to further my education. Here, I will be able to advance my knowledge and build my concrete career, which will mold me into a useful person in the society. The university has a diversified culture due to the admission of different people from different countries with different backgrounds. A graduate who has passed through the NYU system is an all-around person. The records and performance of NYU are trending worldwide, hence many students are interested in joining and being associated with this institution. I have always dreamt of becoming a student at this university. This idea came to me when I was 11 years old. We were on a family tour in the New York city when I saw the words NYU on a board. My brother told us about his best friend who was studying happily in the NYU. My brother's friend expressed his harmony in such a way that I promised myself to join the university when my time comes. I have made the choice of studying at NYU since I believe it is the right university for me and offers what I want to be in the future. I believe this is the place that will help me cultivate my interest in becoming an expert in economics as well as a role model in the society. Many countries are facing economic challenges.

This urge of studying economics came up when I noticed that my country was experiencing an imbalance and unpredictable economic growth. Some periods recorded high economic growth rates while some periods recorded a sharp decline in economic growth. This called for my attention. Since then, I decided to pursue economics as a career in my life. I have studied economics at my A level, which has made me aware of the subject. This has not only made me realize the importance and the role of economics in our daily lives, but also the steady changes that occur in our economy as a country. This has inspired me to pursue economics as my major in the NYU. At NYU, I am sure to be a reputable person in future.

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