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The neatest cartoon dog I know.
My Friend Scooby Doo

My friend Scooby Doo
What kind of trouble
Did you get yourself into?

Always finding a mystery
You travel around the world
I wonder what you see.

You and Shaggy are the best of friends
Covering each other’s backs
On you, Shaggy surely depends.

You thrive on Scooby Snax
You are constantly hungry and never full
Always searching for more snacks.

You never like to fight
You are terrified of monsters
Despising things that go bump in the night.

Keep doing what you do
Finding and solving mysteries
Know that there are those of us who still love you.

**Scooby Doo, Shaggy and Scooby Snax are the sole property of Warner Bros., Inc. and were only used for inspiration for this poem. The author of this poem claims no ownership to the characters herein.
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