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College Application Essay

The world is changing daily with new discoveries being made and people changing the perception in their thoughts. Education is playing the biggest role in changing the lives of people around the globe. The education system in ILR is of great help to my life and the people around my life. I am ready to change the life of people who I will be interacting with during my study period and after attaining my goals in the ILR education system. Having attained the best grades in the lower level of my education I am ready to advance my education through the ILR education platform.
From grade level 9 to grade level 12, I held different leadership positions which have made me be successful in life. I have been in charge of club president of the charity through money-thinking, executive conference manager of MUN, intern at Hyundai U&I infrastructure, the Korea Herald student reporter and other positions that have made me be a person of great help to the people I associate with. In ILR I am ready to continue with the same potential from other grade levels in order to meet the mission and the vision of ILR. The studies from the lower grade levels have made me to the place I am today and in my quest for more knowledge has brought me the ILR.
Every person has a driving factor that leads one to achieve his goals. Seeing people around me excel in life and reaching their full potential is my main goal and happiness in my study. By achieving my goals and target during my studies make me more excited. When I achieve something new in life I am sure the life afterward is easier for me and the people around me. ILR school is open to people who are ready to make their dreams true and this is the place for me to further my studies.
The school is fully focused on quality work, employment, labor policy and practices of national and international significance. The school is able to offer quality education to the students who are ready to follow the set goals by the school. Having passed the lower level of education without any drawback, I am ready to a bind by the rules and the regulations in order to achieve my goals in the ILR School. The education given to the students in the university is of high quality and this is the driving factor for me to pursue my higher education in this school. Having finished the education system in ILR I am guaranteed a place in the national or the international place in terms of jobs.
Having set goals in my life and what I need to be in the future, the ILR school is the best place to be and pursue my career in. Prominent people who have achieved great things in their lives have passed in this school and their career path has always been admired by many people. The place to gain more knowledge is the ILR school and whoever gets into the system is assured of a great future. The New York State School of Industrial and Labor Relations, (ILR) has a great history and the history is of great help to people who are ready to reach their goals in life.

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