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How mental illness eventually led to tremendous self-growth...
Now I realize that those who read this article may scratch their heads and wonder "eh, how can mental illness lead to self-growth and be a blessing in disguise?" I say this because my illness although painful and causing me many challenges ultimately led to me learning to appreciate others and have empathy for people with many different types of mental challenges. I learned through living with Bipolar and being misunderstood that there's a stigma about mental illness and that I want to do my part to help end the stigma. To do so for me means to do my best to not hide my illness and to take responsibility for my actions and not blame behaviors on it. Instead, the best thing I can do to help others understand this illness is to take the time to demonstrate that I am more than a diagnosis and that like anyone else have my own aspirations and goals which I am working to accomplish.

Linda Quap (aka Quapparino)
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