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Daily Flash Fiction - 2nd of January 2018 (music, scream, light)
The crowd went wild with amazement and their screams were like music to his ears.
         “Najf! Najf” Najf!” they chanted in unison.
Oh, the thrill of the arena. It had been too long since Najf felt the joy of the battle. He climbed up the lifeless Razorclaw-gargantuan to fistbump the sky. The crowd went wild in amazement. Most of them anyway.
         Najfs captors weren’t equally happy that their sworn enemy was the first being ever to defeat a Razorclaw, or gargantuan for that matter, and now had earned his freedom. The scared goulgans left the arena in a hurry. They had some ‘leaving and bunkering up in a place far away from everywhere’ to do. And they had to do it quick.

It was dark as Najf speeded down the desert on his newly acquired hoverbike. The only light came from the stars since Goulgash (the planet) had a black moon that didn’t provide much lumini and the bike was set to stealth mode. He had gotten the coordinates to his captors hideout from their vehicle merchant who was eager not to talk to the fist. He even gave the newest model of the Black Moon Hoverbike to Najf as a token of goodwill. Najf liked tokens of goodwill.

There it was. A titanium hut in the middle of the desert.
         “What is the password?” a computer voice asked as Najf got close to the titanium door.
         “Punch,” he replied with a grin.
         “That is not cor-” the computer voice died as cables sparked and the titanium door was pulled from its frame and fell hard to the ground. Followed shortly thereafter by a high-pitched scream as the gate guard recognized Najf.
         “Have you met my best friends? Mr lefty and Mr righty,” Najf sneered.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2144856