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Seasons' promise of a health and lifestyle advice of recreational healing activities.
          Moonlight struck the Pacific Ocean's tides in a shape of an equestrian of celestial bodies in numerable count of white dwarfs, supernovas, and superclusters. Twas the season of time to Pacific Eastern zone of 12:00 A.M when the first tide collides across the seashore and Great Reef. Many undermine the promises of a thousand names inherited from succession and precedence of the King of Spades, Queen of Hearts, or Knights. Yes, this is deck of cards. Balloons submerse in a pile one on top of each other as a young maiden, Beauty, recollect her sight's gaze of the constant tuck and pull of our world.

         The portrayal pinpoints the starstruck gaze of tourists spying on the seashore for the harmony of winter's seasonal upcoming changes. All for a passion of humanity's wonder for the boiling and freezing point of passage ways into the warmth of a heart of a cup of hot chocolate beverage. The maiden maneuvers herself into the spotlight of time and its miracles and splendors.

This is fictional literacy piece is not finished yet. Please feel free to feedback for more advice. Thank you, Lisa.

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